Top 10 New Year's Resolutions + How to use Crystals to actually follow through!

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Y'all know I prefer to think in terms of Intention rather than New Year's Resolutions, but the fact remains that all around the world people are choosing their Resolutions for 2018. They are full of hope that this time they will actually follow through. 

Well, let's take a look together at the TOP 10 New Year's Resolutions, and discover how to turn "I hope" into "I can do it!"

10. Find the Love of my Life

love yourself first

It's actually nice to know that this is #10, since there are so many things that come before finding your perfect match. First you need to love and accept yourself. This makes Rose Quartz the perfect match for this Love Resolution. Pair a Rose Quartz Necklace with a daily Affirmation like, "My heart is open to give and receive love. I find beauty in myself and others." If Rose Quartz brings love quicker and hotter than you can handle, pair with Amethyst for a balancing effect. 

9. Help Others

helping hands

Some of us realize at the end of a year that we have so much more to be thankful for than we had previously imagined. There are others around us who can use a little of our extra health, wealth, wisdom, and time. Aside from the Abundance crystals that we will talk about later, I think Moonstone is an excellent choice here. Moonstones are traditionally associated with feminine strength, in this case Nurturing and Empathy. We could all use a bit more of this "strength of softness" to help us understand and better serve our neighbors. 

8. Learn Something New

learn something new

Whether it be a language, technology or creative skill, learning on your own is just hard to squeeze into our hectic, and often overwhelming, lives. You'll need extra focus and brainpower for this Resolution. Amethyst, Tiger Eye, and Quartz are all great for mental clarity and concentration, but I'm going to give this one to Blue Apatite. This bright blue crystal opens up creative thinking and communication. Even more importantly it increases motivation and drive to accomplish goals. Really want a mental boost? We've paired Amethyst, Tiger Eye, and Blue Apatite together in our Energy Boost Necklace!

7. Get into Shape


This is a classic: go to the gym, get outside and go for a walk, or play basketball with friends. So many activities that can help us get our bodies in shape. But how about getting your mind and spirit in shape at the same time? Yoga is great for balance, breathing, mental clarity, strength, and muscle tone. Try alternating each day between Yoga and Meditation to give your body a break while still caring for your mind. The perfect crystals here are Third Eye Chakra Stones like Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Clear Quartz. You could also try heart chakra stone like Peridot, paired with peppermint oil, if you have trouble breathing when you exercise. 

6. More Time with Family

quality time with family

For me this is really an issue of living in the moment. Not thinking about what has to get done tomorrow or next week, but being able to stop for an evening, a weekend, or even a vacation and actually enjoy the moment. Better to have high quality family time, even if it's less often, than it is to always take working-vacations or bring your work to the park or the baseball game. My favorite crystals for staying grounded in the NOW are Magnetic Hematite and Carnelian. Both keep you energized without being scattered. Perfect for a fun-filled, memorable afternoon with the people you love!

5. More Adventure


I think a lot of us look back at the year and think, "I wish I'd done all the exciting things I planned on last January." Some common excuses are money, time, and no one to adventure with us. Well this year, it's time to stop making excuses, start making plans, and really enjoy living the life you want! Mookaite is a great crystal for embracing life's journeys and taking calculated risks. Really want to live the wanderlust life? You'll want a Moonstone for travel protection!

4. Kick the Habit

Caffeine Addiction

In January it's easy to see how our bad habits have stopped us from living our best life, but then as the year goes by it just seems to hard to let go of those ingrained ways and overcome those addictions. Your first stop on the road to better habits is Amethyst. As a balancer of emotions, Amethyst is excellent for anyone struggling with over-indulgence (be that food, smoking, drinking, caffeine etc). Anything that puts you out of balance, Amethyst can help you moderate and gain better control over. 

Hematite and Tigers Eye are both excellent “follow through” crystals. Tigers Eye marries the higher energies of crystals like Amethyst and the grounding energies of crystals like Hematite. The gold flash represents higher understanding and the deep browns and near-blacks are for grounding in reality. This combination helps you to base your self-esteem on the reality of your life, rather than on self-criticism or fear of what others think. You are able to see your true value and also understand and begin to repair areas of your life that are holding you back. 

3. Better Financial Decisions


There are so many causes of money-worry that lead to Financial Resolutions. Wanting to get out of debt, save more, earn more, and spend wisely. Sunstone, Peridot, and Aventurine combine to help you pull in more financial abundance, while Tiger Eye and Citrine can help you spend and save wisely. Maybe you already know which of these pairings you need. Personally I could use both for different days and different temptations!

2. Self-Improvement

finding your passion

This one is so vague that I think what it really means is "figuring out what to really do with my life." Have you been there? You know you want something better, but you aren't exactly sure which path to choose? It can often be a struggle to ignore social pressure and "helpful advice" long enough to really listen to ourselves. Sunstone helps you disconnect from other people's perceptions and expectations. Paired with Carnelian for motivation and energy, you can really start to make progress toward living a live full of Passion and Purpose. 

1. Eat Healthier and Lose Weight

Eat Healthier in 2018

I find it so funny that we put so much pressure on ourselves to diet or detox in the middle of winter. This is the moment when our bodies want soup and carbs and a little layer of fat for added warmth. Why not focus instead on improving digestion? The best crystals for stomach support are solar plexus stones like Carnelian and Citrine. For gut support, look to sacral chakra stones like Amber and Garnet. For overall support, I've combined them into one Digestive Support Necklace. 


It's not hard to see why these are the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions!

Each of these Resolutions really focuses on some core issues we face throughout life. Ultimately we are all looking for Wellness, Purpose, and Fulfillment. If you are ready to take the next step and get serious about improving your life for more than just a few winter months, join us in the Creativity Club, our Wellness Community for hardworking and aspirational people just like you! All our Workshops, Challenges, and Inspirations take place right here in our Facebook Group, and we would love to have you join us for an entire year of Intention and Growth!

Many Blessings for your 2018!