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Hi! I'm Erin, the creator and healer behind Lula May Design. 

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I was born & raised in the South, but I love living in Brooklyn, where each day is a chance to live a balanced, holistic life in the biggest city in America. This challenge inspires me to create meaningful pieces to enhance the daily lives of others.

Since college I have looked to natural medicine, alternative healing, and balanced living to improve my quality of life. After facing several debilitating health issues and learning how to heal my own body naturally, my true passion for helping others took on a laser beam focus: to help everyone understand how our emotions and spirit are connected to our health, and how crystals and essential oils can help us achieve true health and wellness.

Through my jewelry design, it is my goal to help you embrace you true power. Once this power opens up, you will be able to create the life you desire and deserve! Join me on the Journey as we discover each day how to find balance, overcome stress and boost your upward momentum!


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I'm also the Founder of Ivy + Light, an online wellness center for helping you tap into the power of the Universe! Here you'll find tools, teaching, and training for applying natural methods to your self-development journey.

You'll also find an amazing community of people just like you!

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