Choose the Perfect Abundance Crystals for You!


It always amazes me how, when I talk to someone directly about crystals, it immediately clears up some of the vagueness of crystal healing properties. Crystals, just like Essential Oils, have so many different properties based on their unique vibration and it's interaction with your body, that I could talk forever about each one. 

But whenever I sit across from someone (or write them on the interwebs) the possibilities beautifully narrow down into a more helpful and succinct sense of how to help this one, wonderful person.

With this in mind, I want to share a little explanation about my favorite Abundance Crystals. They all support the flow of Abundance into your life, but HOW they do it is slightly different for each crystal. Understanding this will help you choose the crystal that is more in alignment with your current goals, potential blocks, and intentional focus.

Crystals for Abundance: 

Each crystal has an aspect that draws Abundance + an aspect that helps you overcome your blocks to Abundance. 

Sunstone: overcome self-protection... allows you to open your heart to emotional abundance.

Peridot: overcome bad habits or limiting beliefs and accept the necessary personal growth that will bring abundance.

Aventurine: overcome pessimism and lack of faith in positive outcomes. Trusting the Universe and your efforts to result in Abundance.

Citrine: overcome lethargy or fear of overextending yourself. Helps you put out your energy towards Abundance and trust that you can handle the responsibility that accompanies success) 

You could be feeling all of these or a few more strongly. The properties that speak to you the most are the ones most in line with your current needs and desires. 

*You may realize by reading this that you have a block you need to work through before taking the step of drawing in Abundance. It may be fear, anger, self-doubt, Etc. Working through this bigger block can be like knocking over the first domino in a long line of dominoes standing between you and your goals. Make sure to start at the starting line so you can have the biggest effect with your crystal healing power. 

I'd love to help you choose the crystals that are best for your particular life focus. If you aren't ready to commit to a jewelry purchase you can still get my help with a Crystal Consultation. Ready to get your own crystal pendant? Simply fill out the custom order request form here