Find a Quiet Space


For those who are in my Creativity Club, this week we have been prepping for our next workshop by concentrating on finding and solidifying our WHY. 

We've used these 3 questions as a jumping off point for self-reflection and self-discovery:

What is Unique about me?

What are the problems facing the world that I feel passionate about?

What Legacy do I want to leave behind?


But one thing I've discovered is that many of us are great at answering these questions at a surface level, but can't seem to get down deeper than that. They have trouble delving into their subconscious or reclaiming passions they've lost over years of the daily grind. 

So I have one important suggestion to make for anyone and everyone looking to further their growth, deepen their self knowledge, or make important, life changing decisions....

wild flowers

Find a Quiet Space. 

This may sound obvious, but believe me, it's not as easy as you think. Cell phones, kids, alarm clocks, neighbors, music, the ice-cream man. There is noise EVERYWHERE. 

This past weekend I went camping with friends, and once we left the main road, there was ZERO cell service. We went into town one day and I had to stand in front of the local diner to borrow their WIFI in order to find directions to a nearby glass blowing workshop. 

Of course there was no electricity. And the only noise, besides an occasional mosquito or passing child, was our conversation and our folk songs. 


This is the quiet space I mean. Where you can take a nap in a chair and no one wakes you. Where you can look into the fire without feeling a need to keep the thread of the conversation alive. 

This is the type of silence in which you can hear your own thoughts. Where you can ask yourself what matters in life, without the input of social media or peer pressure. Where you haven't even spent much on your accommodations and you've brought your own food, so even the thoughts of money are quieter in your head. 

Can you go camping this weekend? Maybe not. But there is a place somewhere near you where you can get an hour of peace. The park, the library, your car. Someplace where your voice makes the only input. 

TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. Tell your loved ones you need a little time. And carve that space for yourself, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and those loved ones. 

Find your WHY, but make sure you find the REAL ONE. It may be whispering so soft, you have to strain to hear it.