FREE oils with your Young Living ER Order! (November Edition)


Let's take a look at the amazing freebies available from Young Living this month!*If you're not signed up for ER yet, shoot me a message and I'll give you all the details for getting signed up. It's actually super easy!

Christmas Spirit 

(5mL bottle FREE with 100PV Essential Rewards order)

I am super excited to get this Holiday Blend FREE with my Essential Rewards order this month! 

Christmas Spirit is perfect for diffusing at your Holiday Parties. I ought to know. My friends always remark how yummy it smells when they come over for a party. That's because I plan ahead and put the perfect oils in my diffuser, depending on the theme for that night's festivities. (Lemon and lime with Taco Tuesday and Margaritas anyone?!)

Know what else Christmas Spirit is perfect for? Dancing around in your PJs while you sing Blue Christmas at the top of your lungs, holding a hairbrush for a mic and making your best Elvis face! (Ok so, yes, I know this from experience too ;) )

However you choose to enjoy this festive blend, make sure you get yours free by ordering 100PV on your November Essential Rewards order!


Now let's look at the oils you can get FREE this month with a 190PV Essential Rewards order! 

Eucalyptus Radiata 

(15mL bottle FREE with 190PV order)

This Eucalyptus is a little lighter and more spa-like than Eucalyptus Globulus, making it perfect for Holiday self-care. You know what I mean.... this season, as wonderful as it is, can also be full of stress - cleaning, shopping, baking, and hosting. All those things that take up time and energy, even if they are for a great cause. 

In order to get the utmost enjoyment from the Holidays, make sure you take time for self-care AT LEAST once a week. 

This FREE bottle of Eucalyptus Radiata will make that super easy. Just bring your diffuser into the bathroom with you and place on the counter OR place a couple drops on a washcloth and leave just out of reach of the shower spray. Voila! Your daily shower just became a morning at the Spa!

 Plus, with your 190PV Essential Rewards order, you will also receive the free bottles of Tea Tree and Christmas Spirit!

Tea Tree

(15mL bottle FREE with 190PV Essential Rewards order)

I've been in love with Tea Tree oil for years! It's one of my favorite all-purpose oils, and I use it in nearly every room of my house. This amazing oil can help you prep for holiday guests AND tidy up after they head home, leaving their mess and winter germs behind them. 

Even better... this month you can get a FREE 15mL bottle of Tea Tree oil when you place a 190PV order on Essential Rewards! Plus you will also receive  the free bottles of Eucalyptus Radiata and Christmas Spirit!

If you haven't yet tried Tea Tree yet, now is your moment!


What happens if you place a 250PV order? Let's see! You'll get.....


(15mL bottle FREE with 250 PV order)

I'm so excited to get a free 15mL bottle of Pine oil with my ER order this month!

This one will be new for me, and I really look forward to having the scent of the forrest right here in my Brooklyn apartment. I know how much peace and uplift I feel when I get out into nature, and in the middle of winter that's not so easy to do. Now we can have that same experience with just a few drops of Pine in the diffuser! 

You can get Pine oil for FREE too if you place a 250PV order during the month of November. If this is an ER order, you will also receive the free bottles of Tea Tree, Euclayptus Radiata and Christmas Spirit!


And if you place a 300PV order you get one of my favorites....


(15mL bottle FREE with 300 PV order)

True Confession: I've been waiting patiently for months for Frankincense to be one of the FREE oils. Frankincense is both amazing and a bit expensive. I've had so many other great oils I wanted to try that I decided to just wait for this to be a Promo oil, and here it is!!!

Christmas is the perfect time to diffuse Frankincense. Think about it, this is one of the most ancient oils, used for centuries and famously gifted by the wise men to the baby Jesus. 

Frankincense is valued by many religious and spiritual practices for its grounding and spiritual properties. By diffusing this precious oil, you can enhance the atmosphere of gratefulness and reverence this season, for yourself and your entire family.

With a 300PV Essential Rewards order you will receive a 15 mL bottle of Frankincense, plus the free bottles of Pine, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Radiata and Christmas Spirit!

And THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING PART: If you purchase 300 PV on ER, you will also get a roller bottle of diluted ROSE from our upline Amy Cornwell! Why is this huge? Because Rose is such a valuable oil. A 5ml bottle of the coveted Rose costs $185! You can bet I'll be getting one of those for myself! 🤗

If you're not signed up for ER yet, shoot me a message and I'll give you all the details for getting signed up. It's actually super easy!

You don't need to fill anything out to receive these FREE oils. If you order a certain amount, enroll for Essential Rewards and/or purchase 300PV on Essential Rewards you will automatically get these freebies. Amy will provide the $10 product credit and the Rose rollers at the beginning of December.

This is the best promo yet, so don't miss out!


Don't worry if you aren't on Essential Rewards yet. I can help you get set up. ALSO, if you enroll for Essential Rewards this month and the order processes for the first time in November, Amy will send you a $10 product credit to use on your next order at the beginning of December. Essential Rewards is an amazing program for ordering monthly. They give us discounted shipping, exclusive freebies, and we earn points on every order to use on free product later.


What other questions do you have about these awesome oil or getting signed up for Essential Rewards? Shoot me an email or leave me a comment below. 


Happy November everyone!