Crystal + Essential Oil Consultation

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Crystal + Essential Oil Consultation



Mine began years ago after allergies, asthma, and poor digestion had reeked havoc on my overall health. 

I feel so blessed to have discovered the power of Crystals and Essential Oils at the exact moment when I was ready to commit to putting my health FIRST. Your body is your greatest asset, but it needs your support to do the hard job of keeping you healthy in this modern, chemically-laden world. Allow me to do some of the ground work for you by discovering which crystals and essential oils are the best fit for this moment in your life!

With this consultation you will receive a downloadable questionnaire. Please answer the 6 questions with any and all info you feel is applicable. This questionnaire helps me to provide the most accurate recommendations regarding which 3 essential oils and 3 crystals may best supplement your health and wellness routine.

Crystal + Essential Oil Consultation:

• Downloadable Questionnaire

• Recommendation Report featuring 3 suggested essential oils or oil blends (ex. Lavender, Stress Away Blend, etc)

• Report includes a brief explanation of how to use each oil and why it was chosen for you

• Recommendation Report featuring 3 suggested crystal types (ex. Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, etc)

• Report includes healing properties and suggested uses

• Report will be completed and delivered to you via email within 3-5 business days after I receive your completed questionnaire.

• Use the Shipping Method "Local Pick Up" to avoid shipping charges, as this is a downloadable product

Note: As an independent Young Living distributor, I will be recommending 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils from this amazing company. The quality of essential oils is absolutely key to safety and effectiveness. You can read more about why I choose Young Living oils here. 

FDA Disclaimer: Use of Crystals and Essential Oils helps support your body's natural functions, and is therefore a useful part of a wellness routine. This consultation is not meant to treat or cure any diseases. Always consult your doctor before adding natural supplements to a current medical treatment, especially if you have any significant medical concerns. Using these recommendations may improve your body function to the point where a change in medication is advisable.


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