Step 2 to Breaking through Fear: Have a PLAN!

Replacing Fear with a Plan

Last week we discussed Step 1 to Breaking through Fear, anchoring yourself in Gratitude and realizing your Current Abundance. (See the Workshop Replay here.)

Now we are on the Step 2!! 

Daily Affirmations

Once you have set up a daily Affirmation routine for recognizing your current abundance, you can begin to dream of your future abundance and success with Hope rather than Dread, with Specificity rather than Confusion

Here's what I want you to do: Grab a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center.

On the Left-hand side, create a list of EXACTLY what you want your life to look like - house, family, friends, food, kids, pets, job, vacations, clothes, volunteering, learning, growing, etc. 

Call this your List of Life.

On the Right-hand side, write a list of excuses that immediately come to mind for each thing in your Left-hand column (one at a time, each excuse corresponding to the line across from it). Your excuses will probably be something to do with money, time, resources, energy, etc. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. 

Call this your List of Excuses. 

Do you see any themes in your list of excuses??? If so, make a note of this, so we can discuss it in Tonight's LIVE Workshop. 

Now I want you to imagine someone you greatly respect or admire. Oprah, Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, etc. and ask yourself, "Would Oprah let this excuse stop her? Would Steve Jobs let this get in his way?"

I can

I spoke recently in one of my LIVE videos about how Oprah and other famous people are really JUST LIKE YOU. They also have fears, insecurities, and obstacles. The difference is that they have learned to overcome these, very often by visualizing the future beyond these obstacles.

I think Visualization gets a bad rap for being "kooky" or "hippie nonsense," but scientifically it is doing the same thing as our Affirmations. It creates the tracks in your brain that makes synapses fire quickly over those specific thoughts. Your brain gets used to thinking about this specific future, making it biologically easier and more likely for you to create it in the physical world around you. How awesome is that?!

So just like Oprah, you are full of Infinite Possibilities. You chose the ones you want to see happen and you stop focusing on the ones you are afraid will happen. Then your brain will start doing a lot of the hard work for you of bringing that future into existence. 

So here is your assignment: 

I want you to spend the entire week thinking, "What would Oprah do?" every time you hit an obstacle or run across Fear. Then breathe in hope, focus on your Future Abundance and all it's specific details, and CARRY ON. 

If you have any questions, reach out in the comments below. And, as always, I look forward to seeing y'all in our next LIVE Session!

Blessings and Hope,