Essential Oils for Energy and Efficiency

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The Holiday Season is here. Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and your brain is firing on all cylinders, trying to get you prepped for Holiday sales, gift shopping, house cleaning, party hosting, etc, etc, etc. Plus you want to stay healthy, get proper rest, and enjoy a few quiet moments with your family. 

How can you accomplish all your goals with grace and ease? That will be our focus for the entire month of November!

Using Crystal, Essential Oils, and Targeted Action we will boost energy and increase efficiency until you suddenly realize you are proud of your accomplishments, you completed your tasks on time, and you still took a moment for self-care. 

Sound good?!

Head here to see the Calendar of Events and learn about our weekly workshops for November. 

But first I want to share with you why I chose 2 particular essential oil blends to help us stay focused and energized to make the most of these final, busy months of 2017.

Common sense:

Common Sense oil was formulated to enhance rational decision-making abilities leading to increased wellness, purpose, and abundance. The scent of this no-nonsense blend is clean and refreshing, even a bit astringent. It feels almost like it's cleansing your brain "palate" so you can think without all those leftover bits of information getting in the way. 

It brings a heightened awareness, even to the point of crisper vision. My mind immediately think, "OK. I can totally do this. Let's get down to business!"

This powerful blend is perfect for early morning, the mid-day slump, and late nights facing a hard deadline. Stop wasting time, and start getting things done, so you can feel that amazing sense of accomplishment as you check that pesky task of your list!

Want to know the funny thing about this oil blend? Its component oils are anything but common!

[Frankincense (grounding/spiritual connection), Ylang Ylang (balances yin/yang), Ocotea (anxiety reduction support), Goldenrod (calming/relaxing), Rue (release negativity), Dorado Azul (purification/ mood), and Lime (clarity/ uplift)]



Motivation oil helps us to attune our thoughts with our Passions and overcome Hesitation/Procrastination.
Just think for a second about all the things you love about your life or your business. Think about the dreams and goals you have. Now think about a few of the fears that stop you from working, full steam ahead, to make those dreams come true. 

This blend of calming and balancing oils helps you stay in the Now and set aside those worries for a different day. When you focus on your Passions you become aware of your Fears for what they are... your brain's reaction to the unknown. They aren't truth. They are just your brain giving you a worst-case scenario. What you really need is creativity, hard work and determination, and you can make the best-case scenario your reality!

[Roman Chamomile (soothing), Spruce (grounding/higher thought), Ylang Ylang (balances yin/yang), lavender (calming/ focusing)] 

Three great ways to use our November Oils:

• We will definitely be using these oil for our Affirmations and Intention Setting.

• You can also get added support by placing on your temples and forehead.

• Diffuse in your office or studio for extra energy and efficiency all day long!

There are 3 ways to order our November Focus Oils:

If you aren't a Young Living Member yet, you can pay retail or go ahead and get the $45 membership (think Costco, but forever) and save $27 on your oils. Great Deal! The 3rd way to order, is if you are already a member. Just log in and order your oil. You will already be getting the 24% OFF for your membership!

Let me know if you have any questions. The sooner you get your oil, the sooner you can discover your true passion and begin building your ideal future!

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