How to Sustain your Personal Growth in the Long Run

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Just Keep Going!

Sound simple enough, but it's actually really hard, isn't it?

As we discussed in this week's workshop, once you've gone through the Transformation phases of Conception and Growth, you get to the SUSTAIN phase. This can often be the hardest, especially for those of us who tend to be impatient or scattered or over-extended in our daily lives. (Wait, I think that might be Everyone!)

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So what do you do about it? 

Take a moment and ask yourself, "Why is it so hard for me to keep up a new "habit" or sustain a new, positive belief after a few days? Why do I often give up before making it to the 21 day mark?"

What are some ways to help yourself through the Sustain phase? Be honest. What could you do that you aren't currently doing or you are afraid to try?

I know sustaining is hard for me because of Impatience. I see the change, and I want it to be permanent NOW, even though I know it won't be firmly cemented in my brain for at least another few weeks. Patience continues to be a focus for me, and every time I feel the resistance, I grab either my Aquamarine (patience) or my Onyx (grounding) to help me through the day.

Here is why I believe Crystals and Essential Oils are such powerful tools during the Sustain phase. Linking your oil and crystal to your chosen Affirmation automatically amplifies its affect on your brain. Literally, the components of the Essential Oils pass through the blood brain barrier and affect the Limbic System (emotional center) in the brain. When you say your Affirmation while inhaling the oils, you link that positive thought to the power of the oils. When you smell that oil, you automatically think of your Affirmation.

BOOM! Boosted Transformation!

Crystals have a more subtle energy that works throughout the day. Pick your crystal for the energy you want to inhabit and then say the affirmation while holding the crystal in your hand. Throughout the day, remind yourself of your Affirmation while holding your crystal. Its presence and gentle energy will keep that Affirmation closer to your Conscious Mind throughout the day.

Voila! Constant Transformation!

This is how I help myself overcome natural inertia and the chaos of life to continue my growth all the way through the month.

Are you ready to start boosting your personal growth and making the results stick in the long run? Schedule a Coaching Call today, and let's find the best tools that will enhance your current life focus and encourage long term growth!