Success Necklace: Tiger Eye and Mookaite Jasper


Tiger Eye and Mookaite make the perfect combination for our December Focus on Embracing Success! Tiger eye contains a natural balance of sun and earth energies, providing high vibrations, as well as grounding. Mookaite is full of youthful energy, rooting you in a sense of well-being and peace about life.

Just like our focus oils, these crystals will help you say, "I know what I need to do to change my life, and I WILL succeed!"

Let's talk about these amazing crystals individually:

Tiger Eye helps you to

  • Base your self-worth in Reality, realizing your talents and abilities, and seeing areas where you need improvement, especially if you have bad habits you are trying to break.
  • Gather your scattered thoughts and turn them into a cohesive whole.
  • Find inspiration through meditation and other spiritual practice. 
  • Utilize goal creation and intention setting, as well as practical follow through and goal completion.
  • Improve your patience and skills to make money, saving when you need to and spending wisely to increase your abundance. 


Tiger Eye and Mookaite has been one of my favorite combos for a long time!

Tiger Eye and Mookaite has been one of my favorite combos for a long time!

Mookaite is a beautiful red and yellow jasper, which

  • Brings a desire for new situations
  • Provides a deep calm with which to face these new adventures
  • Increases energy and vitality, giving an overall sense of health and wellbeing

We will be using our Success Necklaces for all of our Daily Intention Setting this month. You can pre-order your Success Necklace now, so you'll get the benefits all month long!