Law of Attraction- Attracting Abundance and Living in Gratitude


I believe in the Law of Attraction. That the Vibrations of my thoughts and emotions draw similar vibrations towards me. 

I know the difference between high and low vibrations. I know what it feels like physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

I already see a shift in what comes into my life when I focus on positive ideas, thoughts, and feeling and work through and discard negative thoughts and feelings that drag down my vibration. 

I want to delve more into this with y'all, both the scientific proof and the life changing power. But first I feel that I need to do more work myself in the practical realm. I need to test the law of attraction on a more intentional level. On the level of what I need but do not know how to bring about. So I want to be a little vulnerable and let you watch the Law of Attraction at work in a practical way. Starting next month, I need to be able to afford my own health insurance. I stepped back my hours at my "day job" six months ago, so now this $500/month expense is totally on me. But I don't want to have to take steps backwards to afford it. I still want to have enough hours to devote to growing my business. 

I don't love the idea of asking for money. I don't even like the idea of having a lot of money. I am much more comfortable with the idea of Abundance: Appreciating everything I already have. Realizing that I have what I need and that getting more (of time, money, joy, health, etc) means there is excess to give back to the world. For me a better way to really IMAGINE having enough money is to focus on the positive things I will spend my money on. Things I'm passionate about and believe in. 

SO I've created a list of things I will be able to afford:

• Farm fresh food and raw local honey, supporting local farmers who care for their animals and produce pure, nutrient rich crops


• Biodynamic Wines from small vineyards

• 100% pure mineral makeup

• Essential Oils, enough to give some away for people to experience this miracle for themselves

• High Quality smudging and cleansing tools to heighten the ritual of cleansing my crystals

• Weekly Yoga classes

• Monthly acupuncture/ Reiki appointment

• Crystals and Himalayan Salt Lamps for each room of the house

• A motorcycle to take long trips with Allan. Take a trip to the Southwest to find gorgeous crystals. 

• A storefront with a brownstone next door for Allan's coffee shop/ music venue and enriching classes for the community

• A garden in the back with air purifying plants and flowers for the whole neighborhood to enjoy

• A winter and summer trip abroad to paint while Allan does his photography

• Art supplies, high quality and from small companies

road trip

• Quality, long lasting clothing, made for my body type. And a new bra every 3 months

• Prescription sunglasses and contacts for sports

• A haircut every three months

• Continuing education in natural wellness

• Decent health insurance for my family

Obviously, some of these are short term and some are long term desires. But they are all important to me. I've begun asking the Universe honestly and fervently to give me enough money to accomplish these goals, support small businesses, and have enough left over to help others. My daily mantra is "Money comes easily and often. I have more than I need, and I give some away." Any time I start to worry, I say this simple phrase. In the morning and at night, I place a few drops of Abundance Blend in my palms and breathe in the fragrance. I place my hand on my forehead and heart and repeat this phrase 3 times. "I release the trapped emotion of Not Enough, which no longer serves me in a positive and productive manner (x3). I choose Abundance (x3), I believe Abundance (x3), I manifest Abundance (x3)." Then you just breathe deeply and imagine what it is like to be Abundant: to have what you need, live a fulfilling life, and give back. Really FEEL it!

You can follow this simple method for anything, not just wanting to attract Abundance. I have used this to reduce stress, worry, anger, etc. You simply release the negative emotion and choose, believe and manifest its positive opposite. I know it works for balancing emotions. Testing 1,2,3 for manifesting physical needs and desires!

As always, it's important to spend time being grateful for what you have. Appreciating the Abundance you already experience is an important part of bring more Abundance into your life. 

Have you tried a similar method? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Is there something you wish to manifest in your life? Let me know that too. I'd love to help encourage you along the way!