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The dictionary says Mindfulness is "the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something." In this recent blog I talk about my personal struggle to find Mindfulness within my hectic life. 

This month, as we focus on Living with Passion, it is important to understand how Mindfulness can help us discover and harness our true inner passion. Just think about all the outside influences in your life... society, parents, siblings, friends, spouse, kids, enemies, bosses, etc. So many people we pay attention to when making decisions for our life. It is very easy to focus so much on what they want for us or need from us that we lose sight of what we really want for our own life.

Taking a few minutes each morning to clear space for yourself and ask "what do I want out of today? this month? my life?" can make a HUGE difference in the way you live and the progress you make towards reaching your goals. 

To help us create a space for Mindfulness, I developed this special affirmation. Modified from Reiki and Chakra Healing practices, this Mindfulness Affirmation acts as a guide for your thoughts, a way to organize your exploration of true inner feelings, beliefs, and desires. 

Watch this video clip from my recent workshop to learn how you can use this affirmation in your daily life:

October - Mindfulness Affirmation 2.png

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