How to Create Affirmations!

Positive Affirmations

How to create Affirmations for Breaking through Fear:

Here are the instructions I promised y'all in the Intention Setting Workshop (replay available here)

For this month we are focusing on replacing Fear with Abundance, Hope and Motivation. So here is how you create an Affirmation for each of these emotions. 

Essential Oils to Overcome Fear

Step 1:

Think of the Fear for YOU that is opposite Abundance. Then do the same for Hope and Motivation. (Example Abundance/Lack, Hope/Dread, Motivation/Resistance to Change) as you can see in the photo, these aren't the ones I used for my Affirmations, but I wanted to show you there are many options based on your own particular fears. 

Step 2:

Create a Positive Phrase that goes with Abundance, Hope, and Motivation AND is opposite to your Fear. (Ex. "I CHOOSE to be grateful for having more than I need." - which is Abundance and the opposite of Lack.)

Step 3:

Now you can say your Affirmations for each of the three Emotions, using their corresponding essential oils. Place a drop of oil in your hand and rub it into your palms. Then place your one hand on your forehead and one on your heart. Go through your Affirmations: 

affirmations example


I release the emotion of Lack, which no longer serves me in a positive and productive manner (repeat 3 times to really ingrain it in your brain)

I Choose gratefulness that I have more than I need to be happy. (repeat 3X)
I Believe I have more than I need to be happy. (3x)
I Manifest having more than I need to be happy. (3x)

REPEAT for Hope and Motivation, using the fear and positive sentences you wrote down for these. 

Do this each morning and each night until the end of July. You will be amazed at the change you see in yourself!

Any questions? Watch the replay of the Intention Workshop or ask me in the comments below.

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