Affirmations: Science or Hippie Nonsense?


You might be surprised that a wellness coach, crystal jewelry designer, and essential oil advocate would be a left-brained, scientific-minded individual. 

But that's just who I am. Lover of Facts. Research Fanatic. Metaphysical Skeptic. It's hard for me to accept anything on face value or because someone promises me it made a difference in their life. I want to know WHY before I TRY. 

So now that I'm telling you Affirmations are a total Game Changer, you know that I must have some scientific evidence to back it up!

Of course I do! But first, what exactly are Affirmations? The term is often interchanged with the term "Mantra," but these practices are very different in terms of origin and application. Mantras are an part of an ancient tradition of using simple words or sounds, often during meditation, to release stress and bring peace to the mind and spirit. 

Positive affirmations were developed by neuroscientists much more recently (in the 1970’s), These scientists had discovered how our thoughts form and strengthen, leading them to the realization that we could consciously rewire our thought patterns towards more desired outcomes. Affirmations tend to be complete sentences, specifically created to let go of old and unhelpful thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. 

So I'm going to give you my scientific evidence now, in layman's terms. 

Here is what happens in your Brain when you think a thought. Synapses fire along a track specific to that thought. The more you think that thought the smoother the track is and the more easily the synapses fire across it. 

thrival mode

90% of our thoughts are just repeats of things we've thought before, and unfortunately, the majority of them are negative. 

Why do we think negative thoughts so easily? Survival of the Fittest

Our brains are wired to see and solve problems, to protect us from danger, and to avoid negative change. 

But being in Survival Mode is often what keeps us from THRIVING

How do we change this pattern of negative thoughts into the kind of positive thinking that will help us thrive, succeed, and reach a state of Abundance?

This is where your Affirmations come in. When you think a specific, new thought it creates a new track in your brain. When you repeat this Affirmation daily (even multiple times a day) it strengthens that track. As you continually choose this positive thought over the old negative one, the negative track falls into disrepair and eventually disappears. 

Now your reality (what you see and feel throughout your day) has been changed by your chosen thoughts. YOU HAVE ALTERED REALITY!

So that's how it works. Pretty simple and scientific right? And a little less "hippie" ?

Of Course, once you try it for yourself, you'll fully understand how it works. 


1. Decide what emotion you want to replace. (ex. Hesitation)

2. Find it's Positive Opposite. (ex. Motivation)

3. Choose a phrase to repeat or use this simple template: 

I release the trapped emotion of _____ ( ex. hesitation), which no longer serves me in a Positive and Productive manner.*

I CHOOSE _____* (ex. Motivation to succeed and thrive in my personal and professional life)

I BELIEVE _____*


*repeat each of these phrases 3 times. 

I often repeat these affirmation while using a specific Essential Oil blend associated with the Positive emotion I want to reinforce. The Motivation Blend is one of my very favorites, perfect for overcoming procrastination and for boosting the passion behind your WHY! To learn more about Essential Oils and Affirmations, watch the replay of my Workshop on Affirmations here

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May your life be full of positive thoughts and hope for a bright future!