ANTI STRESS WORKSHOP: How to watch the Replay

circle of influence

Did you read my last blog post about how to overcome Panic the moment it starts?

If you did, I know you got some helpful tips about assessing stressful situations and neutralizing them with Intentional actions. But wouldn't it be great it you could avoid all that stress in the first place?!

Good News! I just did a LIVE Facebook workshop on this very subject!  This workshop helps you learn to live within your Circle of Influence and take Intentional steps toward living your Ideal Life. I even included a worksheet so that you can follow along on this 10 minute exercise as I explain how to create a list of totally doable steps to neutralize areas of concern and even turn them into Positives. You don't want to miss this one, so here's the link:

Hope you enjoy, and I can't wait to hear how it helps you improve your productivity and reduce your stress!