Overcoming Blocks to Financial Abundance

Financial Abundance

It suddenly dawned on my today that I have another Abundance Block to work through. 

I have a limiting belief, accepted in childhood (as so many limiting beliefs are), that Financial Abundance is in direct conflict with Principled Living.... with living according to your Beliefs and doing what you love. Subconsciously I still think, "Either you have your Principles or you have Wealth. Having both is not possible."

financial abundance

Do you think having 

Principles + Wealth is impossible?

How did I get this Limiting Belief?

My wonderful parents sacrificed a lot financially to give us the best education possible. I went to a private Christian school, where obviously beliefs and principles were important, but a stellar education was equally valued. Both of these things have helped me greatly in life, to provide a foundation, make me the honest, hardworking and loving person I am, and provide me with great opportunities. 

But as I sit here and think about Abundance, I realize that my parents' loving sacrifice has sunk into my subconscious as an overarching necessity - that living based on my beliefs means I'll have just enough money to get by. 

So I've gone through life choosing between monetary gain and the happiness of purpose/fulfillment. 

And I AM Happy. I am abundant in so many ways, but I constantly resist Over-Abundance of Wealth. I even say to y'all in our workshops that this isn't about money. But of course it is! It has to include money one way or another. 


Money is an important tool with which to do massive amounts of good in the world. Our principles and our beliefs dictate how we use the money, and quite frankly, we need MORE principled people with wealth to be able to make some significant, necessary changes in the world. 

Let me ask you, do any of you have this same Abundance Block?

Do you feel like having excess money is nerve wracking, or burns a hole in your pocket? Do you spend it as soon as you get it on things that fit your principles and beliefs? In other words... are you nickel and diming your contribution to the world?


This is important!!! We receive what we believe our principles and beliefs are worth. How much are yours worth?

Mine are worth so much more that I've allowed myself to believe. So I've decided to add an affirmation to my daily routine, using Abundance oil:

Affirmation for Financial Abundance

Will you join me in daily affirming the importance of your beliefs and the incredible amount of good you can do with your Financial Abundance? Let me know in the comments below that you are with me and that you are determined to bring this change into your life starting today!