What’s the elephant in the room? The truth about what's really stopping your success!

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What’s the elephant in the room?

Around this time of year businesses and entrepreneurs start to measure their success. In fact, we all start to look back and measure our results vs. our goals and expectations.

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I had a few people recently try to tell me they had accomplished absolutely nothing this year. Well, I know for a fact that’s not true, but if they tell themselves that then it might as well be true. 

I’ve had discussions with others who thought they had reached success, only to discover it wasn’t what they expected and might not be what they actually want. 

So I want to suggest to everyone that we each have an Elephant in the Room. The one thing that we avoid dealing with, but that keeps getting in the way of our success. Only you can truly know what your elephant is. I can take a really good guess, but if you are determined to hide it, know one else will be able to help you face it. 

A few years ago I had two elephants, one sitting right on top of the other: My toxic relationship and my failing health. Ultimately I realized the bigger, more destructive elephant was my relationship. I had to face that elephant head on before I could really begin to work on my health. With one elephant down I was able to tackle my health issues from all angles, emotional, physical, and mental. I knew my desire for a successful artistic career would never succeed until I had good enough health to put in the long hours and dedication. Finally I have that sorted, and I'm working in earnest to make my career a success, my way.

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Now at this time of year I ask myself, are there any more elephants I need to face? What is stopping me from reaching the next level of success and abundance? I’ve faced a lot of elephants now and I’m not scared of it anymore. But that doesn’t keep me from resisting the struggle, energy, and determination it takes to make each one leave the room. But no matter how hard it seems at the moment, it is always a 2 ton weight off my shoulders when I finally remove them from my life. 

What is your Elephant? 

What do you know is an underlying cause of your struggle, your depression, your energy drain, your poor health, your lack of financial abundance, your happiness? What is the thing you think is too big to face. What do you keep avoiding, while you spend a bunch of energy on all these smaller issues, with little or no results?

Let’s be real here! It’s not going to get substantially better until you deal with the substantial problem. I’m not necessarily advocating drastic measures, but I do think you need to weigh your options. You can continue to be crushed by this elephant, or you can do whatever it takes to get it off your back and out of your life for good!

Which will it be?

If you're ready to make a change- a real, significant change that addresses your biggest, deepest issues in your life, you do not have to wait for a New Year's Resolution. The time is NOW! 

I am here for you. We can do this together! 

If you're not ready, it's ok to hang back and work through your resistance. Sometimes pep talking yourself up to the starting line is really the first step of the race. But please do not expect other people to give you miracles when you aren't ready to help yourself. There is only so much another person can do, even if they love you dearly and want the best for you. 

Can I be honest for a sec? This was me with my husband. I wanted to help him. He knew I wanted to help him. But he wasn't ready to be helped, and all I seemed to do was to make him more frustrated at me and at himself for the place he was in his life. 

Only you have the power to decide to change. That moment may be now. It may be next week. But it is your moment, and I encourage you to take that step the instant you are ready. Your abundant and joyful life waits on the other side!

Much love to each of you during this season of reflection. Reach out if you need help taking that next step. Let's do this together!