Dealing with "Imposter Syndrome" in Life and Business

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I recently had a client use the term "Imposter Syndrome" to describe her lack of self-confidence in her business. Immediately I thought, "Oh, I've TOTALLY been there!"

I remember the internal struggle when I first decided to make my business about something more than just making pretty jewelry. I wanted to help people, to bring more joy and positivity into their lives. But my inner critic kept saying, "Erin, you are the LAST person who should be telling people how to be Positive." 

In many ways that was true. I had just come out of a terrible marriage, just finally begun healing from hypothyroidism and the associated chronic pain and depression. And I just wasn't ever one to use phrases like "Look on the bright side" or "Mindset is Everything." I'm a realist, and those phrases just didn't seem real to me yet.

At this point in my journey I had experienced how having a positive outlook could totally change my day, but I was afraid to explain that to other people for fear of judgement. I just knew they would turn around and accuse me of being a hypocrite. They could point out of all the times in the past few years when I had thought the worst would happen and it did. They could remind me how a single disappointment would send me into a negative spiral for days. They could call me an Imposter.

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And yet I couldn't let go of my desire to help others. I couldn't let go of the amazing things I had learned about healing emotions FIRST, and thereby healing the physical and mental body. I just HAD to move forward even though I was scared. 

And in many ways I believe this whole scenario is what makes my message so powerful. I'm not a sunshine and roses, skipping through the forrest, permanent smile sort of gal. So when I tell you that Gratitude and Positivity can make a huge difference in your life, it's only because it's TRUE. 

It's because I tried the other way, the "realist" way for years, and I finally understand that I was creating most of those negative scenarios myself. That if I approach the world with a positive attitude, the world is more likely to interact with me in a positive way. It's as simple as that (and yet it goes so deep that I can talk about it for days too!)

Are you tired of feeling like nothing good ever happens? Are you afraid of changing your attitude and being called an Imposter by people who have known you during the "tough times"?

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Click here to sign up for my Free email series!

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