This month we will focus on natural methods for supporting and improving digestion. Next to Stress, I firmly believe that Poor Digestion is the number one SILENT cause of mental, emotional, and physical health issues. 

  • Scientists are discovering more every day about how important the balance of microorganisms in our gut is to overall health. 
  • If you have trouble digesting food, you also have trouble absorbing nutrients, supplement, and any medications. 
  • Many of us struggle with depression on a daily basis. Gut health plays a HUGE roll in emotional balance. 
  • Intestinal Inflammation causes more than just pain and discomfort. It can lead to mental fatigue, depression, poor digestion, poor immunity, etc. 

I could go on and on. This is why I've decided to devote an entire month to learning new, natural ways to improve our digestive strength and stability. Below you will find the calendar of events. All of these workshops will take place on Facebook LIVE. Please sign up to receive notifications and updates, as well as the links for the classes. 

BONUS! You can Join Me on my month-long cleanse! I'll be posting a list of Allowed Foods, Recipes, Supplements, and other information shortly. This is the most effective way to give your Gut a fresh start!

June Calendar of Events