AUGUST FOCUS: Growing Self Confidence!


I have decided that this year we are all going to TRANSFORM and TRANSCEND our Former Selves!

We began our journey in July by Breaking through Fear... Conquering, Vanquishing, Overcoming.... you name it, We Did It!

Now we are ready to move on to Step 2: Growing our Self-Confidence!

Lucille Ball Quote

I don't know about you, but I think Lucille Ball was a pretty successful lady.

She didn't have any trouble making fun of herself on TV, and you could tell that was because underneath the humor she knew she was funny, talented, and worthy of her success.

Would you like to feel this way at the end of August? That you deserve success, abundance, and love?

Then join me on this journey!

Here's what you'll need this month to Make it Happen...

Tools for Transformation:

1. 5 minutes in the morning and at night. (Download your Intention Setting workbook here.)

2. Self-Confidence Crystals: I've created a special crystal pendant that aligns perfectly with our 3 steps to growing Self-Confidence: The beaded pendant includes Chrysocolla (balance and joy), Peridot (release negative patterns and access new vibrations) and Hematite (willpower and expansion). [Pendants will be available SOON.]

3. Transformation Oils: Envision, Believe, and Magnify your Purpose. Learn more about these self-confidence boosting oils here

4. Join me for our weekly classes on Tuesdays at 9PM at Sign up here to save your spot!


I know y'all are excited as I am! LET'S DO THIS!!