So many people I meet are either suffering from disease, struggling with weight, wiped out from fatigue, or facing a diagnosis of clinical depression. Why is everyone so sick?! Why does a conversation about knee pain so often turn into a long discussion of our common struggle with thyroid, adrenal, and endocrine system issues?


The truth is that all these health issues are really a GIFT. They are our body's way of communicating with us. If we don't listen to the whisper, our body speaks louder and louder until that whisper becomes a deafening roar. And the scariest part is that standard medication can mask those symptoms and keep us from finding out what is really making us unhealthy and miserable. 

Does this sound far fetched to you? Before I ask you to assess your own life, let me be vulnerable and share my own story. 

With the 20/20 vision of hindsight, I can see now that my hypothyroidism was my body's way of telling me that I was living a totally unsustainable lifestyle. 

  • years of taking hormone-altering birthcontrol
  • 10-12 hours/day retail management job
  • shift schedule that started as early as 4AM and ended as late as 3AM
  • constant emotional and spiritual stress from a traumatic relationship
  • insomnia and stress, treated with alcohol and caffeine
  • 1000s of unhappy, immature, and needy customers and employees every single day
  • constant access to sugar, carbs, and junk food
  • a group of "friends" all focused on making themselves feel successful through alcohol, drugs, sex, and other dangerous and expensive habits
  • total unfulfillment in my career and creative life
I didn't want anyone to suspect that my life was a total and complete disaster.

I didn't want anyone to suspect that my life was a total and complete disaster.

And to top it all off, I had a perfectionist's strangle-hold on the idea of projecting a happy, successful life. I didn't want anyone to suspect that my life was a TOTAL AND COMPLETE DISASTER.

This, my friends, is how you end up with hypothyroidism or a whole host of other ailments, diseases, and syndromes. You body is screaming at you to STOP! TAKE A DEEP BREATH, AND CHOOSE SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOURSELF. 

Today I look back and I remember how I thought that life would go on forever, with brief moments of happiness strewn among long expanses of misery. I thought I was stuck because my deeply-ingrained principles told me I needed to stay married and to do whatever it took to make my husband happy, no matter what. The truth is, I lost sight of ME. I opted out of the solution to my problems by giving over control to my surroundings, to the bad people in my life, to the idea of how much money I needed to survive and succeed in New York City. All of it was a LIE. All I needed to do was make one choice at a time towards finding a way out. One choice in the direction of a life I really wanted. 

My story may sound crazier than yours, or yours may feel so much worse. I share my story with you only to show that you are not alone. To feel lost, confused, and conflicted is part of the human condition. If you are willing to be honest about your current life, you will see some scary similarities to my own story. And if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you are finally ready to listen to your body and make a change. 

Lavender supports healthy sleep and calms the mind and spirit. 

Lavender supports healthy sleep and calms the mind and spirit. 


Every day is a beautiful journey if we get on the right path, I would be so honored to have you join me on this journey. Reach out to me and let me know where you are right now. What imbalances in mind, body, and spirit is your body trying to tell you about? Together we can help you choose the first few steps toward health, happiness, and fulfillment. Towards Balance and Inspiration. 

I created my Crystal Consultation and Essential Oil Consultation for this very purpose: to provide the information and insight we need to get you back to basics and on the road to BALANCE. Opt-in to your life by deciding you can take control and influence your future. CHANGE IS JUST ONE STEP AWAY!