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There are 2 parts to the Energy question...

•Gaining / Using Energy
•Conserving / Wasting Energy

We will hit on both these issues this month. But first I want you to consider ways you are Leaking Energy throughout your day, one little drip at a time. What are the sneaky things that drain your energy? Not the big stuff, like whiny kids or money troubles or frustrated customers. 

Where is energy escaping without you noticing, unless you really look for the hole?

Here are a few simple, yet powerful tips to help you plug those leaks back up!

Tip #1: "Why am I here?"

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Social Media can be amazing. It keeps us connected. It helps us grow personal, meaningful businesses. It gives us access to positive communities. 

But there is no "adult proofing mode" to stop us from wasting all of our precious time scrolling through Instagram, tweeting our latest rant, or reading depressing Facebook posts. 

It is totally up to us how we use our time, and I've found the only way to control my social media time is by asking myself "Why am I here?" when I first open up an app, and then repeating the question every few minutes until I complete a task, learn what I came for, or decide I've spent enough "down time" for the rest of this afternoon. 

Do you ask yourself "Why am I here?" What other tips can you share on how to stop Social Media from draining your energy, one cat video at a time?


Tip #2: Stop doing stuff you hate. 

Stop doing stuff you hate.png

This goes for every part of life!

If you can avoid it, don't do it. For example, you hate hate hate ironing clothes. Did you know you can buy clothes that don't wrinkle? Seriously! There is a work-around for a lot of things in life, if you take the time to look for it. 

Here's a business example... Do you hate Instagram? Did you know there are lots of successful businesses with little or no Instagram presence? Instead of beating your head against the wall trying to come up with Instagram content, you could use that energy for a killer blog, an interactive Facebook group, a successful Pinterest account. etc. etc. etc. Just because it's a way to success doesn't mean it's the way YOU have to take!

So what if you CAN'T AVOID IT? What if it's something like washing dishes, paying bills, filling out a tax spread sheet?


Stop peeling the bandaid slowly and painfully for hours or weeks before you break down and complete a dreaded task. Rip that sucker off and move on!

What other ways do you deal with the energy-drain from doing stuff you hate? Share your Aha! moments, insights or tips in the comments below.


Tip #3: Worry about yourself. 

worry about yourself.png

It is so easy to get distracted by little annoying things that people do to us (or even just near us). But we forget that any amount of time we spend judging or worrying about their behavior is energy we take away from our own lives. 

There may be a perfect world in which people have time to do their own thing and live other people's lives too. BUT THIS IS NOT THAT WORLD. 

If you do this... STOP IT. If you have people leaning on you to do things they can and should do themselves, it's time to allow them to grow up and live their own life. You are not helping by carrying their load. That is just enabling irresponsible and immature behavior. 

This goes for kids too ( and spouses ;) ). Let them do housework. Let them fold clothes poorly and get better at it over time. Allowing things to get done at their level (and being ok with less than perfect results) reduces your energy drain and increases their life skills at the same time!

Tip #4: Better sleep = Better you. 

better sleep = better you.png

I think we all know this in the back of our minds, but not many of us can say that we truly prioritize a good night's sleep. If you're like me you think of it as a luxury more than an absolute necessity. 

Caffeine and jumping jacks will keep you awake, but they can't provide the creative thinking power you need to really do your best work. For the first 5 hours of sleep your brain does general cleansing and repairs.  It's not until after those 5 hours that your brain starts repairing and refreshing the "creativity centers." 

So FIRST get 7-8 hours of sleep. 

SECOND, make sure these hours are uninterrupted. If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night try these tricks.... 
• Cut out alcohol, which knocks you out, but wakes you back up half way through the night. 
• Diffuse lavender or apply topically to support a deeper sleep. 
• Place an amethyst on your forehead to bring your brain waves closer to sleep pattern. 

What causes you to lose sleep or wake up during the night? Share in the comments below, as well as any other tips that work for you and might help others too!

Tip #5: Prioritize!

November 8- prioritize make a list.png

No energy-saving list is complete without a mention of the dreaded TO DO List. 

Some of y'all love to make lists. Others HATE it. But I'm willing to bet that not a single one of us is creating the most efficient and energy-saving list possible. 

I'm so sure of this that I'm devoting tomorrow night's LIVE workshop to this exact topic.... How to write a month-long TO DO List that helps you prioritize, strategize, and energize every single day!

Tune in to learn this Brand New Technique I've been using in my own life, with great success. RSVP here, and join us in the Creativity Club tomorrow night at 9PM!


Let's do this!