Y'all, I'm not gonna lie. Week one was rough. After all, that's kind of the point of a cleanse!

If you remember in a recent Workshop I talked about traction. Just like a car can only produce 100% traction going around a curve, your body can only give 100% effort to healing, body temperature, and digestion. When it's focusing hard on healing it doesn't have as much time to devote to digestion. So with a cleanse, you're reducing the digestive strain on your body (by cutting out toxins like caffeine, sugar and processed foods) and allowing it time to focus on cleansing and detoxifying.

Not only do you feel like crap from the detox, but since you still have to live your life while this is happening, your body has to find a what to create a little energy for those daily things. This is where the struggle gets real. 

I have 3 tips based on my multiple experiences with this cleanse over the past 10 years:

1. Start on your Weekend.

Or take a few days off if possible. And listen to your body when it's telling you to rest. Now is not the time for BIG PLANS. Now is the time for recuperation. You need to prioritize rest and SLEEP!

2. Use Coconut Oil.

(What what?!) Yep that's right. Coconut oil is one of the good fats you can have during your cleanse. And it's a great source of energy! Your body metabolizes the medium chain triglycerides into energy just as easily as it would sugars or carbs. Cook your food in it, add it to your smoothies or a hot cup of herbal tea, or just swallow a spoonful in the morning and afternoon for an instant boost. 

3. Don't forget about Essential Oils!

I use Peppermint Oil topically each morning to help me get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed without coffee. I also take a 2 oz shot of Ningxia Red (antioxidant rich beverage) in the morning and afternoon. Another great energy booster! Rub DiGize on your tummy after every meal to give your digestion extra support. And DEFINITELY use you Lavender in the evening before getting that good night's sleep you'll need and deserve.

Read more about how I use Essential Oils and supplements in my cleanse here.


You should be doing this every day anyway, but make sure you take your Probiotic! And maybe even boost the dose to once in the morning and once at night. The whole point is to improve your gut health, and Probiotics are Step 1. 


Now I know y'all want all the gritty details, so here's my day-by-day synopsis. 

Day 1 wasn't so bad. But Day 2 I was super achy, with a pain that traveled from my shoulders to elbows to hips and then settled in my lower back. Yep! Just my luck, my period started too! That was when I gave up and went home early from work. I felt super dizzy all evening and most of Day 3. I could literally feel all the toxins swirling through my system. 

Day 4 was better although I still took a few rest breaks throughout the day. Day 5 was pretty good too, just kind of tired. I had to lug home a bunch of groceries, and then we went to see Wonder Woman. Day 6 was worse again for some reason. I felt really weak trying to lift heavy boxes at work. In the end I was able to leave a couple hours early and get some computer work done at home. 

On the evening of the 6th we added back in berries. Once I could have my smoothies, all was right with the world again! On Day 7 I felt almost back to normal... little aches and pains throughout my body, but I had normal energy and was able to concentrate and get a lot of business done (and prep this blog post!)

As I type this, I'm on Day 8. And I feel like a normal human again. I just wish I could have some hot, caffeinated tea. Didn't think the caffeine would affect me as much as it has, but I do like to drink tea as I work, so I guess my brain is more used to having it as a Thinking Aid than I had considered. 

That's all for now folks! Tune in next week to hear how it goes, and learn how we manage to go camping while on a cleanse!