Essential Oils for Starting your Year with Power and Intention!

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How is your New Year going so far?

I bet you set Intentions or made New Years Resolutions, and now you are wondering how you are actually going to make it all happen. Right? Well, I've got some help for you. Here are my favorite Essential Oil Blends for starting you year out right and finishing strong!

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  • Abundance: Use the Law of Attraction

  • Envision: This is Your Year to Make it Happen

  • Into the Future: Cut out the Overwhelm

  • Live with Passion: Find your Passion and Purpose

  • Transformation: Don't let Past Failures Stop You

  • Motivation: Overcome Procrastination

January Focus Oil


As you probably already know, I've dubbed 2018 The Year of Abundance, where we will increase and balance our health, wealth, wisdom, and fun. So, of course, Abundance blend is our January Focus Oil!

Abundance Oil helps you focus on what you want in life and realize/let go of whatever no longer serves you in a positive and productive manner. Ginger is the main component here, a warming oil that reveals how the heart truly feels, without all the layers of peer-pressure, fear, stress, and self-criticism getting in the way. 

Let's take a look at all the amazing oils in this blend:

  • Ginger: Heart Clarity, Balances saving and spending money

  • Orange: Magnifies Peace and Joy

  • Frankincense and Patchouli: Grounding and Balancing, leading to appreciation of the here and now

  • Clove: Protection from physical, emotional, and spiritual attack

  • Cinnamon Bark: Solar/Positive Energy, Increased Vitality

  • Black Spruce: Increase in Attracting Prosperity and Releasing Negativity

Overall this amazing oil fortifies you with positive energy and helps you attract Abundance in all areas of life. I love recommending Abundance to my fellow Creative Entrepreneurs, but it also works for anyone who is ready to attract more positive in their life and willing to let go of anything holding them back from success!

Visionary Trio: Envision, Into the Future, Live with Passion

Each of these blends is amazing for planning goals at the beginning of the year. Each one has a different spin to it, so I wanted to share all 3 and let you decide the one that's best for you.


Envision Atrributes.png

Envision is perfect for anyone who struggles to believe that their time is NOW. You plan and plan and plan, but never really believe your dreams are going to come true. Well, let me tell you, This is your year! No more putting your dreams on hold. Grab your bottle of Envision and really embrace those Intentions, Resolutions, and Goals as though they are already here. It's time to make your Future Abundance part of your Present! Learn more here. 

  • Encourages renewed faith in the future

  • Enhances creativity and resourcefulness

  • Emotional fortitude to achieve goals and dreams

  • Awakens and renews inner drive

  • See yourself as a bigger and better version of yourself

  • Apply on the central line of your forehead from tip of nose to hairline(through the 3rd eye)

[spruce (height/ uprightness), sage (cleansing), lavender (calming), orange (joy/giving), geranium (heart-shows you what you like and don't like), rose (feminine/love)] 


Into the Future:

This oil blend was created to calm, focus, and energize you for the journey ahead! 

October - into the future.png

Into the Future is perfect for you if you feel scattered or overwhelmed trying to decide what SHOULD be your goals, rather than looking inward and discovering FIRST what is truly important to you. Get that Grounding first, and then you can begin creating a purposeful path towards a Known Destination! Learn more here. 

  • Gets you Grounded and At One with yourself and the Universe around you

  • Enhanced positive emotions about yourself and your life

  • Gives you the peace to make plans without panic or overwhelm

[Clary Sage (balancing), Frankincense (grounding/spiritual connection), Cedarwood (grounding/calming), White Fir (anchoring/empowering), Idaho Blue Tansy (feeling "at one"), Juniper (balancing), Jasmine (enhances positive emotions), White Lotus Extract (well being/euphoria), Orange (uplifting/joy), Sweet Almond Oil (sweetness)]


Live with Passion:

Live with Passion.png

The main difference between Into the Future and Live with Passion are that this blend takes you even deeper. Passion is centered below the belly, in the Sacral Chakra. This is where we hold everything that matters most to us, including our secret desires and deepest emotions.

Live with Passion calms you past the point of worrying about the outside world and allows you to get in touch with your truest desires. It restores you internal compass and helps you remember what YOU want out of life, not what you've been told to want by others. Learn more here. 

  • Gets you grounded deep within yourself

  • Opens up your mind to receive intuition and information about your deepest desires

  • Removes stress of what other people think

  • Connects your Passions to determination, helping you being them into reality

[Clary Sage (emotional balance), Ginger (balances giving and saving money and other abundance), Sandalwood (grounding), Jasmine (enhances positive emotions), Angelica (spiritual awareness/peace), Cedarwood (grounding/calming), Immortelle (process negative emotions and find peace), Patchouli (grounding/balancing), Neroli (keeps you "in the moment"), Melissa (emotional harmony/internal compass]


Action Duo: Transformation and Motivation

If you find yourself stuck in the land of Dreamers and Over-thinkers and can't seem to move forward with the Doers, then these Action Blends are for you!


Transformation Oil.png

If you've tried and tried in the past, but you were never able to reach your goal, then this is the oil for you! Maybe there were obstacles that you couldn't overcome. Maybe you just didn't have the willpower to let go of bad habits or the energy and resolve to form new healthy routines. Transformation oil helps you say, "This is it! I'm not giving up again. I'm ready to do whatever it takes, no matter how much it hurts. I'll take risks. I'll let go of my security blankets and pacifiers and grow into the person I was meant to be!" Learn more here. 

  • Strengthens and supports readiness to change inner doctrines that no longer serve us.

  • Obstructive mind patterns are replaced with new, vivid thoughts, changing your overall attitude and behavior

  • Especially helpful in those moments where you feel like “It’s too much” or “I just can’t anymore”

[Lemon (rejuvenation), Peppermint (awareness/focus), Idaho Blue Spruce (grounding/spiritual connection, Clary Sage (balancing), Frankincense (grounding/spiritual connection), Sandalwood (grounding), Cardamom (calming and centering), Palo Santo (uplifting), Ocotea (purifying)]


November Motivation Oil.png

You know those moments where it just seems like too much... Where you just don't have the energy or brain power or determination to take the next step, tackle the next challenge, jump over the next hurdle... Can I be honest? I was there this afternoon as I thought about writing this extensive blog post. There is just so much to say, and so little room and time to say it in. 

So I got up from my desk and anointed myself with Motivation oil. And guess what? In 20 minutes I was half way done. This is the miracle of one of my favorite oil blends! Motivation oil helps you to attune your thoughts and passion with Action and overcome Hesitation/Procrastination. Learn more here. 

  • Helps conquer fear and procrastination.

  • Helps you move forward with a positive attitude.

  • Brings things into the Now: Action and Accomplishment.

  • Apply to ears or feet/ front of big toe for moving forward.

[Roman Chamomile (soothing), Spruce (Law of Attraction), Ylang Ylang (balances yin/yang), lavender (calm)] 

now you know the specific Essential Oils for your unique situation!

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