Should you really give up Caffeine? The honest truth about my no-coffee cleanse...

Here's a video I shared near the beginning of my No-Coffee detox, where I share essential oils and supplements for helping you work through such a detox.


While I stand by everything I shared in this video, I still cut my No-Coffee cleanse short.

I planned to go 30 days, but after several days of arguing back and forth with myself, I had my first cup of coffee yesterday afternoon, after 16 days. 

Y’all know I’m nothing if not honest, so let’s look at why I quit early, what I plan to do now, and what advice I would give someone trying to give up coffee...

1. My WHY was not big enough to overcome the lack of results.

I wanted to see if I felt equal or better without coffee, once I had detoxed it out of my system. 16 days is plenty for the detox process, and I wasn’t feeling better. In fact I was still taking afternoon naps (and then staying up late bc the nap kept me from being sleepy at bedtime. No bueno.) I searched high and low for another WHY. Some sort of definite medical reason to stick to zero coffee. But it’s just not there. My thyroid felt fine (coffee is known to affect absorption of minerals necessary to create/convert thyroid hormone). My stomach wasn’t feeling miraculously “less-acidic.” And my Brain wasn’t any more clear. Boo!


2. My New Plan

Now I can devote the rest of the month to seeing if I notice any “decline” in health when I go back on coffee. Will my stomach feel more acidic? Will I feel jittery? No issues so far!

I'll be keeping track though, so make sure you're following me on Instagram @lulamayessentials if you want to get updates in real time!

3. My recommendations

if you or your doctor feel you should cut coffee or caffeine from your diet, I think it’s best to go cold turkey. I was drinking a cup of black tea each day, so I wasn’t totally without caffeine. To help your body completely release a need for caffeine you probably want to go through a worse but shorter withdrawal by cutting it out all together. (Note: since I don’t suffer any recognizable health issues due to caffeine intake, I’d just as soon leave it in my diet and get the morning wake up boost so I can get more hours of work accomplished 🤗)


4. Most important thing I realized

I already had a sneaking suspicion that "being curious to see how I felt without coffee" wasn't going to be a big enough WHY. I also new that this plan of drinking tea vs. coffee would effectively help me cut back caffeine intake, but wouldn't help me completely overcome a dependence on caffeine since I wasn't cutting it out all the way.

What I was surprised to realize was how much it annoyed me to be using my Essential oils to get back up to "normal" energy. With all my health progress over the past few years, I've been able to enjoy using EOs mostly for enhancing my energy, focus, creativity, etc. rather than just to make it through the day. It was just so darn annoying to be tired, when all I had to do was drink hald a cup of joe and then carry on my merry way, using Live with Passion blend or Citrus Fresh to get me energized for creating beautiful jewelry and growing my business. I'm so glad to be back on the FUN side of things, but at least I know which oils to use if I ever do NEED to give up caffeine!

QUESTION: Have you tried giving up coffee? Were you successful? I’d love to hear about your experience!