I want

There is intrinsically nothing More or Less valuable about the things you want out of life than the things other people want. 

There are happy people who don't have what you want, and there are unhappy people who do!

The reason behind your "wants" is a desire to create an emotion, a feeling, a sensation. You need to realize what that emotion is behind the physical Want. 

Peace, Confidence, Success, Love, Joy, Respect, etc. 

We often miss FEELING the emotion because of our dogged pursuit of the Thing we had subconsciously hoped would bring us that emotion. 

When you turn your eyes to the emotion, you can direct your steps, overcome obstacles, and KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR GOAL. 

For example... In your efforts to feel Successful, you might keep creating bigger and bigger goals, onward and upward without ever stopping. Sadly for you, the thing that would really make you feel successful would be to stop, look around, and see everything you have already accomplished!

The same holds true for all the other emotions: Peace, Love, Fulfillment, etc. 

Abundance Quote

What is your driving emotion, and what object is distracting you from reaching that emotional goal? Let me know in the comments below!