Passion and Purpose Necklace : Carnelian + Sunstone


Carnelian and Sunstone make the perfect pairing for our October Focus on Living with Passion!

Carnelian is a beautiful combination of Grounding and High Energy / Motivation and Steadfastness. Just like our focus oils, this Sacral Chakra stone helps you gain clarity in meditation and trust the insights you receive.

Sunstone is an even more positive and joyful stone, full of empowerment and optimism. One key element is it's ability to help you remove emotional "hooks" from other people that drain your energy. Together these stones help you trust yourself and understand what is best for YOUR life.  Once you know where you are headed, this combo will help get you there through Positive Mindset and Determination. 

Carnelian helps you to

• Increase Energy, yet remain Grounded

• Get motivated and STAY motivated

• Gain focus and clarity in Meditation

• Trust your Insights and perceptions

• Replace negativity with a Lust for Life 

Sunstone helps you to

• Remove emotional "hooks" that drain your energy

• Instead, you can focus on what is best for YOU

• Trust your intuition and maintain a positive mindset

• Avoid symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

• Brings Good Fortune and connects you to the regenerative powers of the sun. 


We will be using our Passion and Purpose Necklaces for all of our Daily Intention Setting this month. You can pre-order your Passion and Purpose Necklace now, so it arrives in time to use all month long!