Grow your Self-Confidence with Essential oils


We are going to spend the entire month of August learning how to Grow our Self-Confidence!

We will focus on three main steps:

1. Building your Confidence on your WHY

2. Releasing your negative Past Stories

3. Stepping forward into a brighter Future!

I know you want to know all the details RIGHT NOW, but we've got a whole month to go through this step-by-step.

Before we get started, I do want to explain why I've specifically chosen 3 Essential Oil Blends to help us.

Last month we used Abundance, Hope, and Motivation. The 3 oils for August are Set 2 from our 6 months series of Oils of Transformation. From July to December we will be working through these oils systematically and bringing renewed passion, higher insight, and exponential growth into your life!

But before I get ahead of myself, here are some facts about our August Oils of Transformation:


This blend is full of bright, inspiring, and happy oils. This is our moment to live in our WHY and truly embrace it, making our Future Abundance part of our PRESENT. [spruce (height/ uprightness), sage (cleansing), lavender (calming), orange (joy/giving), geranium (heart-shows you what you like and don't like), rose (feminine/love)] 

• Encourages renewed faith in the future

• Enhances creativity and resourcefulness

• Emotional fortitude to achieve goals and dreams

• Awakens and renews inner drive

• See yourself as a bigger and better version of yourself

Apply on the central line of your forehead from tip of nose to hairline(through the 3rd eye)



Once we have firmly established our WHY, we can settle into that new space and ground ourselves. The oils in this blend set up a direct line from our Grounding to the Heights of our Inspiration. We establish balance here and allow ourselves to release all of our Past Stories that no longer serve us in a positive and productive manner. [Idaho Balsam Fir (height), Idaho Blue Spruce (height), Coriander (spice), Rosewood (balance), Geranium (heart- shows you what you like and don’t like), Ylang Ylang (calming/ balancing), Bergamot (joy and depth of emotion)] 

• Believe in what you do, your mission, your partner, etc.

• Stabilizes emotions

• Helps you feel health and happiness and strength more immediately

• Apply before bed or diffuse while sleeping. Think positive thoughts as you fall asleep- try for just 7 days and you’ll see a definite difference.

• You can also apply to chakra points or use in bath or as a moisturizer



Magnify your Purpose:


Imagine the power of a Magnifying Glass. It has the ability to create fire with a pinpoint beam of light. It can also bring forth detail and make things that are far away seem near at hand. This oil blend help us to gain focus on the NOW and turn that focused energy into a great force for our Future. As you work out the details, the result gets closer and closer, and soon you realize you made much more progress toward your goals than you ever thought possible! [Sandalwood (grounding), Rosewood (balance), Sage (cleansing), Nutmeg (spice), Patchouli (grounding), Ginger (hold on to what's important)]

• Increases creativity, focus, desire and motivation.

• Postitive Attitude

• Prevents procrastination

• Helps you overcome self-pity

• Great massage oil for wrists and temples

• 3 grounding oils because your purpose must be well grounded.

Throughout the month we will be using these 3 oils A LOT! First, we'll use them each morning and night for our Affirmations, then we will use them whenever we feel our Confidence slipping in the face of fear, self-judgement, or doubt. 

There is much, much more amazing info to come, but I wanted to make sure y'all to understand what you're purchasing and how these oils are going to BOOST all your efforts and intentions for the entire month!

We will start using these oils immediately, so if you haven't gotten your oils yet, head to and follow these simple instructions:

Let's DO This!