FREE Oils with your Young Living ER Order! (FEBRUARY Edition)

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Let's take a look at the amazing freebies available from Young Living during this month of Love! *If you're not signed up for ER yet, shoot me a message and I'll give you all the details for getting signed up. It's actually super easy!

Y'all know I believe in loving yourself first, taking care of your mind, body, and spirit, and then spreading love once you have a firm foundation of self-acceptance and inner balance. Well, I'm happy to say that this month Young Living is giving away some of it's most beloved "Love potions," and they aren't just the kind for Valentines Day. Look through all our February Promos and discover how you can give yourself, your family, and your significant other the love and support you ALL deserve!


(5mL vitality bottle FREE with 100PV Essential Rewards order)

Hello Ladies, and welcome to a whole new way of supporting your amazing womanliness in a totally natural and delightfully scented way!

If you have hormones, then you need to try SclarEssence, simple as that! Using phytoestrogen, this blend supports those lady hormones. Clary Sage is extremely helpful during women's menstrual cycles with cramps, PMS and even supports the circulatory system, too. (Makes sense right ;) This blend also includes the calming effect of peppermint, Fennel, and Spanish Sage. Take a few drops of this in a capsule and get your hormones back on track and working FOR you!

Now let's look at the oils you can get FREE this month with a 190PV Essential Rewards order! 

V-6 Carrier Oil

(FREE with 190PV order)

V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil is Young Living's carrier oil. It is SILKY soft and perfect for adding your favorite oils for a relaxing massage. 

Have sensitive skin? V6 is also perfect to use with any hot oil that you need to dilute (think Abundance, Thieves, Cinnamon, etc).

For some self-care: Try 5 drops each of Lavender, Lemon, and Patchouli in a roller with YL's V-6 carrier oil on top for a luxurious daily facial serum.  

For a Romantic DIY:Try 5-10 drops of Sensation oil and 3-4 drops of Patchouli in a roller with V-6 for a swoon worthy, long lasting scent.

Plus, with your 190PV Essential Rewards order, you will also receive the free SclarEssence and Lavender Bath Bombs!

Thanks to Wise House Oils for these awesome infographics! Love being part of their team!

Lavender Bath Bombs

(FREE with 190 PV ER order)

I talk all the time about the beautiful healing benefits of water therapy. Washing away the stress, worry, and fatigue that builds up throughout the week, the simple act of bathing can be a game changer for your inner balance and creative energy!

Enhance that experience with the calming infusion of lavender oil. Right when you open that bag you're going to smell the soothing and relaxing aroma!

I am so excited YL is treating us this month to them for FREE. You 100% deserve a luxury spa experience in the comfort of your own home!

Get all these amazing benefits when you place a 190PV order on Essential Rewards! Plus you will also receive the free SclarEssence and V-6 Carrier Oil!

What happens if you place a 250PV order? Let's see! You'll get.....

patchouli ER.jpg


(15mL bottle FREE with 250PV order)

I'm super excited about this one! Not only do I LOVE grounding oils in general, but Patchouli is in so many of my favorite YL blends that I know I'm going to love the effect of this "hippie" oil by itself too!

Patchouli is FABULOUS for your skin. Try my DIY face serum with V-6 oil (above) and watch it do its magic with those fine lines.

Or for pleasant dreams, try diffusing with Orange and Frankincense at bedtime. 

And speaking of Inner Balance.... who doesn't feel emotional turmoil from time to time? Grounding oils like Patchouli are perfect for helping you release negativity, embrace the beauty of the NOW, and move forward with inner-confidence. When you are grounded, you mind is clearer too and more able to focus on great decision-making and creative problem solving, without all that stress swirling about!

With your 250PV order you will also receive SclarEssence, V-6 Carrier Oil, and Lavender Bath Bombs!

And if you place a 300PV order you get the Perfect Valentines Treat...


(5mL bottle FREE with 300 PV order)

sensation feb ER.jpg

Looking for a way to spice up your Valentines Night? Well, you've found it! Sensation is perfectly blended for arousing Romance in your life! So try it during this month of Love and Beyond, because there's no reason the fun has to stop after February ;)

And if you're wondering what else this blend is for... Yes! you can totally use Sensation for support in other areas of life. Sensation amplifies self awareness and self expression. I mean, think about it. When you are truly YOURSELF you are more alluring, attractive, and powerful, right! 

With a 300PV Essential Rewards order you will receive Patchouli, SclarEssence, V-6 Carrier Oil, and Lavender Bath Bombs!

If you're not signed up for ER yet, shoot me a message and I'll give you all the details for getting signed up. It's actually super easy!


You don't need to fill anything out to receive these FREE oils. If you order a certain amount, enroll for Essential Rewards and/or purchase 300PV on Essential Rewards you will automatically get these freebies. 

Don't worry if you aren't on Essential Rewards yet. I can help you get set up. Essential Rewards is an amazing program for ordering monthly. They give us discounted shipping, exclusive freebies, and we earn points on every order to use on free product later.



What other questions do you have about these awesome oil or getting signed up for Essential Rewards? Shoot me an email or leave me a comment below. 

Sending you all the Loving Vibes!