Stop Panicking NOW!

Does this image make you feel a little panicky? Thought so! ; )

Does this image make you feel a little panicky? Thought so! ; )


So last night I had one of those panic moments that creative entrepreneurs experience all too often.... The kind that leads to questions like, "Is the pricing in my Etsy Shop right? Too Low? Too High? Am I reaching my desired Target Market? Etc. Etc. Etc. Basically the kinds of questions that make your friends' eyes roll and make you lose two nights of sleep. 

Even though I still have these moments, I've learned over the past year to tune in and see them for what they really are- blind panic, caused by something besides logic, like a lack of sleep or a long, tiring day. "Tuning in" immediately helps me assess that situation and determine if my thoughts, actions, and decisions are based on Intention or Reaction, Knowledge or Panic. 

Last night I stopped and asked myself, "Am I about to take action because of panic or because of a thoughtful intention?" Any time the answer comes back "PANIC" I consider what I can do that WOULD be a thoughtful decision. 

What I decided to do was go to the experts. I'm in a Creative Entrepreneur group called Flourish that gives me access to amazing experts in all sorts of creative and business fields. (Head here if you want to learn more about this incredible group!) I took my questions to these wise souls and got a multitude of helpful answers. The take-away was basically this: "Erin, you're doing fine. Keep working on your product descriptions and sharing your passion for crystals, essential oils, and intentional living." Got it! Message Received! It doesn't do me much good to tell myself those things. Sometimes you need to hear the truth, good or bad, from outside sources. 

So what can YOU get out of this?!

pause and reflect

It's simple. When you feel the panic mounting, your blood pressure rising, or your anger swelling, PAUSE for a moment and ask yourself a few questions: What is my Intention? Do I want to feel this way, or am I reacting to something out of my control? What can I do RIGHT NOW that is both Thoughtful and Intentional?

THEN DO THAT THING! It might be grabbing some Frankincense or reaching for a calming crystal. It might be seeking help or information. It might be turning off your computer and going to bed. It could be any number of things, as long as it is something you DECIDE TO DO, rather than simply reacting to the situation.

I admit this is HARD. We are conditioned with a Survival Mentality that leads us to look for the negative in any situation. As I've said before, focusing on surviving can keep us from THRIVING. Take the reins, slow the internal chatter, and ask yourself what you can do to turn this moment into something neutral or, better yet, to turn it into something POSITIVE! 

Love and Blessings to each of you. If you'd like to learn more about Intentional Living, read my recent blog post on how it can truly change your life!