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Unveiling our September Focus ...

Transformation : Simple + Repeatable!

September Workshops

Week 1: Intention Setting: Gain Clarity on where you want to grow this month. PLUS learn the secret to powerful monthly planning for your life and business. 

Week 2: The Truth about Emotional Detox: Learn why you feel worse before you feel better, and how to stay on track with your growth even during these "down" moments. 

Week 3: Cycles of Transformation: Learn how to NEVER stop growing. Plus the 1 thing you're NOT doing that makes all the difference!

Week 4: Releasing Ceremony: Let go of the one main thing holding you back. Plus how not to go back there ever again!



Here are the tools you'll need to get the most out of this month of Transformation:

Peridot Necklace: click here to learn why I chose Peridot, and read about all the amazing properties of this crystal. 

Transformation Oil: The entire month is inspired by this amazing oil! Learn all about it here, plus how to order, whether or not you are already a Young Living member. 

I'm so excited to get started and shout our September Affirmation with y'all. 

BUT FIRST, Don't forget to join me for tomorrow's Releasing Ceremony at 9PM at (RSVP here)