JULY FOCUS: Breaking Through Fear! (So excited I had to share early!!)


Y'all I am so excited about our JULY Focus that I LITERALLY could not wait to tell you about it!

I've decided that this year we are all going to TRANSFORM and TRANSCEND our Former Selves!

So for the next 6 months we are going to focus on the Steps of Transformation, starting with Breaking through Fear.... Conquering, Vanquishing, Overcoming.... you name it, we are GOING TO DO IT!

There is nothing in our way except ourselves, and I am determined to hold each and every one of us accountable to our Future Selves to take these steps one at a time and Make it Happen!

Motivational Quote

Are your pumped up?!?!

I know you are! I am too!

Here's how we start: We will focus on 3 Antidotes to Fear: Gratefulness, Hope, and Motivation. As we learn about, focus on, and embody these positive emotions we will be able to work through our fears, digest them, let them go and move on to bigger and better things! Sound good?!


Here's what you'll need this month as we set off on this Amazing Journey...

Tools for Transaformation:


1. Belief in the power of your thoughts to change your life!

2. 5 minutes in the morning and at night. (Download your Intention Setting workbook here.)

3. Join me for our weekly classes on Tuesdays, or watch the replays if you have to miss. 


1. A Crystal to represent your strongest Antidote to Fear. We can work together to decide which is a best fit for you - calming, focus, positivity, energy, willingness to change, etc. I can make you a custom piece or just send you the unwrapped crystal if you prefer. 

2. At least one of these three Essential Oils: Abundance, Hope, and Motivation. We will be using these in the Morning and Evening Affirmations. (you'll need this link: tiny url.com/lulamayessentials)


1. All three Essential Oils. You'll get bigger results, much faster with all three oils. 

2. Use them Morning and Evening in your Affirmations. I will explain everything in detail. There will be grace here, but really try to do it daily! 


No Challenge is complete without some Incentives!!!


Don't miss this opportunity! Do the Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Level, wherever you are comfortable and prepare to be TRANSFORMED!

Why am I asking you to purchase tools before we even get started? And why am I already promising to give things right back when you commit? 

Y'all know me. I'm a straight talker. And I FIRMLY BELIEVE, more than that I KNOW! that you can change your life if you are Ready! And the more effort, time, and investment you put into this the more benefits you will reap. These crystals and essential oils can completely revolutionize your life as they have mine. Invest in your future and we will make that Transformation TOGETHER!

Offering you my Commitment to Challenge and Encourage You until you get to where you want to go!