Essential Oils for Embracing Success!

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There are only 31 days left in 2017!

I know right?! Where did this year go?!

We have one more month to wrap up all our goals, learn from our mistakes, celebrate our successes and get excited for 2018!

So it's really now or never if you want to learn how to Embrace Success before this year ends. And first let me say....

Success is not a thing. Success is a state of mind.

Goals are things. Completing or not completing goals are things. But reaching goals isn't success if you feel frustrated or exhausted. And not reaching them is still success if you learn how to do better next time.

Success is gratitude, confidence, positivity and moving forward.

If this is a State of Mind you'd like to embrace, then join us on this final journey of 2017!

Together we will use Crystal, Essential Oils, and Targeted Action to help us understand the Success we already have, accept our weaknesses, and embrace the opportunity of growing into a bigger, better, and more amazing versions of ourselves in the year to come.

Sound good?!

Head here to see the Calendar of Events and learn about our weekly workshops for December. 

But first I want to share with you why I chose Acceptance Oil to help us learn to Embrace true Success.


Until I tried this oil, Believe was my favorite uplifting oil blend. But now I have another great go-to in Acceptance oil, and it packs an even bigger punch!

Acceptance is a sweet smelling blend, with bright citrus and floral notes, underpinned by the woodsy scent of Frankincense and Sandalwood.

The first sensation I felt with this oil was Hope- a sense of a bright future that will arrive in the perfect timing. There is also a calming effect, allowing you to sit back and think clearly about what your next step to be. 

When breathing in this beautiful blend, you realize it is ok to have areas of growth, things that are currently holding you back from true Success. There are things in your life that no longer serve you in a positive and productive manner. These things are taking up space that you need for a bigger and better life. These areas of growth are also areas of opportunity. They are stepping stones on the path to success. If you move from one to the next you cross farther into the land of Abundance, Self-Knowledge, Enlightment, Gratitude, and Joy. 

Ultimately by embracing this realization you can move forward more quickly towards your goals. You no longer have the weight of self-criticism holding you back and making you procrastinate. It's time to turn those dreams into reality!


[Sweet almond (sweetness), Coriander (stress reduction), Geranium (heart-shows you what you like and don't like), Bergamot (joy and depth of emotion), Frankincense (grounding/spiritual connection), Royal Hawaiian™ sandalwood (grounding), Bitter orange (Neroli) (keeps you in the moment), Grapefruit (overcoming depression or addiction), Tangerine (uplifting/ sweetness), Spearmint (invigorating mind and body), Lemon (rejuvenation), Blue cypress (cleansing/preservation), Davana (anxiety reduction support), Kaffir lime (uplifting), Ocotea (anxiety reduction support), Jasmine (self-confidence), German Chamomile (cleansing/ regeneration), Ylang yang (releasing unwanted emotions), Blue tansy (feeling "at one"), Rose (femininity/love)



Three great ways to use our December Oil:

• We will definitely be using Acceptance Oil for our Affirmation and Intention Setting.

• You can also get added support by placing on your temples and forehead.

• Diffuse before bedtime to help you set aside your worries until tomorrow.

There are 3 ways to order Acceptance Oil:

If you aren't a Young Living Member yet, you can pay retail or go ahead and get the $45 membership (think Costco, but forever) and save $12.50 on your Acceptance oil. Great Deal! The 3rd way to order, is if you are already a member. Just log in and order your oil. You will already be getting the 24% OFF for your membership!

Let me know if you have any questions. The sooner you get your oil, the sooner you can begin embracing your opportunities for growth and moving into a life full of Success!

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