Energy Boost Necklace: Tiger Eye, Amethyst, and Blue Apatite


Tiger Eye, Amethyst, and Blue Apatite make the perfect combination for our November focus on Energy and Efficiency!

Tiger eye contains a natural balance of sun and earth energies, providing high vibrations, as well as grounding. Amethyst is one of my favorite focus and inspiration crystals for creatives, and Blue Apatite provides motivation and drive. 

Just like our focus oils, these crystals will help you say, "I've can totally do this! Let's get down to business!"

Let's talk about these amazing crystals individually:

Tiger Eye helps you to

  • Gather your scattered thoughts and turn them into a cohesive whole.
  • Find inspiration through meditation and other spiritual practice. 
  •  Utilize goal creation and intention setting, as well as practical follow through and goal completion.
  • Base your self-worth in Reality, realizing your talents and abilities, and seeing areas where you need improvement, especially if you have bad habits you are trying to break.

Amethyst helps you to

• Increase Focus and use logic, rather than emotion, when facing obstacles.

• Find inspiration, increase creative problem solving, and connect to higher thought.

• Remain calm and level headed during stressful times.

• Avoid stress symptoms such as brain fog and headache.

• Enter a meditative state for doing your morning affirmations or resetting during mid-day. 

Blue Apatite helps you

• Maintain a positive outlook, drawing off negative thoughts about yourself and others. 

• Keep a clear head and boost your creativity.

• Stay inspired. This is a stone of Manifestation, helping you tune into your desired future and bring it into your present. 

• Communicate effectively, through clearing and healing the throat chakra.


We will be using our Energy Boost Necklaces for all of our Daily Intention Setting this month. You can pre-order your Energy Boost Necklace now, so you'll get the benefits all month long!