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Unveiling our December Focus ...

Embrace Success!

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Two Workshops this month:

Week 1: The Power of Self-Acceptance: We get so caught up in getting to Success that we often are way too hard on ourselves. Whether you realize it or not, this negative energy slows down your progress, big time! Join me as we learn to accept our weakness, embrace our strength, and turn opportunity into success!

Week 2: Patience- So hard. So worth it!: You want success and you want it now, but your impatience is costing you. Truth be told, you won't actually have real success until you start enjoying the here and now. Let's get real about how to increase our patience with ourselves and other so we can truly embrace success!

We won't have workshops the last two weeks of December, but we will have lots of inspirational posts and community support over in the Creativity Club!


Here are the tools you'll need to get the most out of this focus:

Success Necklace: click here to learn why I chose Tiger Eye and Mookaite Jasper as the crystals for our December Focus Necklace. You'll learn the healing properties of these crystals and how they can help you find and appreciate true Success!

Essential Oils: Acceptance Blend. The entire month is inspired by this amazing oil! Learn all about it here, plus how to order, whether or not you are already a Young Living member. 

I'm so excited to get started and share our December Affirmation with y'all! Join me Tuesday, December 5th, at 9PM in the Creativity Club (RSVP here)

Let's make December the best month of 2017!