Experience the Rewards of a Consistent Meditation Practice

As we talked about in our O&U Group Session yesterday, not every meditation session will feel like this... warm sun, tropical vacation vibe, magical glow. Sometimes it'll feel more like climbing up the side of a mountain and praying you'll reach the top at least a couple seconds before your 20 minute alarm goes off.

But no matter what it feels like, there are many reasons why it's important to stay consistent in your meditation practice. 

1. Practice makes better. 

2. The reward is in the journey. 

3. The reward is worth the effort.

Rock Climbing

Let's take another example... do you quit doing your art (or other passion) when you realize not every day is perfection? Do you give up when you realize sometimes painting is more frustrating than rewarding? NO!

You understand that the struggle, practice, and repetition are all valuable. They are what allows for those days where you lose all track of time and realize 5 hours later that you forgot to stop for lunch because you were so in the zone. 

QUESTION: What would you need to get out of Meditation to make it worth sticking to a routine, even on the "blah" days? Let us know in the comments. (*This will be your WHY when we get to our 30 day challenge starting May 1.)

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