Are You Ready to Transform? Now is the Time!


We all think we want what's best for ourselves and our loved ones. We think we would do anything to make life full of happiness and success. 

And yet how often do we turn tail and run at the first sign of difficulty? We give up when the climb gets steep or the terrain too rough. When the darkness falls, we tell ourselves we are too tired to carry on. 

To mix a metaphor, we want to get to the end of a great journey, but we don't want to do the scary part of climbing into a dark cocoon and staying there for who knows how long, just based on the belief that the end result will make us a beautiful butterfly. We decide that being a fuzzy caterpillar isn't all that bad. We might even say, "Well at least I'm not a worm."

Sometimes, in our sadness, we even make fun of other caterpillars climbing into their dark cocoons. We make fun of them for dreaming big and taking risks, when deep down we wish we had the courage to do that in our own lives.

why are you hanging on.png

Is this you?

I remember when I was an unhappy caterpillar, looking at those who quit their jobs or made sacrifices to pursue something they really believed in. I stood their waiting for someone to hand me a butterfly suit. THEN I would know that it was time to take the next step. THEN it would be time to fly.

But deep down I knew that wasn't how it worked. I was waiting for an outside force, when, in truth, it is only I who can make the decision to make the change!


Transformation is a difficult process leading to a glorious result.

If you are willing to work through the difficult parts, I am 100% ready to help you! If you're not ready, that's ok. I still love you, and I'll be here when you are. 

This month in the Creativity Club our entire focus is to do this together. To understand Transformation, to demystify and simplify it until we know how to live the cycle over and over until we are truly our best selves!

We are going to support each other along the way, making the dark and scary parts seem not so lonely and making the end results so much more glorious, with an audience of loving friends to celebrate our success! 

Won't you join us? We start tonight at 9pm, with an Intention Setting Ceremony. I would love to see you there!