The True Meaning of Abundance and how to let it Flow in your Life.

True Confession:

2018 Year of Abundance LME.png

I declared 2018 the Year of Abundance, and I meant it. I wanted myself and everyone around me to experience more Abundance than they have ever experienced before.

Then I got annoyed when my journey to Abundance meant dismantling much of what I had created in 2017. Re-thinking, reorganizing and recreating so that my business works for me and has the long term potential that makes me want to wake up every morning and get straight to work, and have a blast while I'm doing it.

That annoyance annoyed me. I knew it wasn't helpful so I started looking for ways to take these harder steps WITHOUT being annoyed. That led me down an wonderful path to new truths I hadn't before understood. To placing the proper importance on Alignment with my True Self and my desire. To truly trusting that the outcomes exists even if I can't see the manifestation yet.... and even if it will be months before the manifestation appears.

What I'm trying to say here, is that I still 100% believe this is the Year of Abundance for all of us. And I even more believe that Abundance looks like

  1.  Enjoying where you are right now. 
  2.  Making right now as awesome as you can.
  3.  Patting yourself on the back for every awesome thing you do.
  4.  Embracing tough decisions and situations for what they are... moments of Contrast that show you even more clearly what you DO want.
  5.  Following your desires, beliefs, and values unwaveringly, and firmly believing that doing what you love is the way to go, every single day!
Live each day Affirmation..png

P.S. I looked back this morning at my 2018 goals in the front of my Year of Abundance Journal. I was totally prepared to say, "It's ok Erin, you have 8 more months to work on this list." But guess what?! I realized I already feel great about 12 out of 16 of the things on the list!!! Even though I've been in "tear it down to build it better" mode, I've still accomplished so many of my goals that I'll have to create more for the 2nd half of the year!

The moral of this True Confession is: It's not your job to tell the Universe what you can or can't accomplish. Your job is just to wake up everyday with gratitude, hope, determination and purity of heart. And then, miraculously, the blessings WILL flow and the Abundance WILL GROW!

Love y'all, and hope this is your most amazing week of 2018 yet!