Overcome the Instinct to Survive... and start thriving today!


Would you like to see yourself as the Hero/Heroine of your life story, rather than the safe, but tiny version of you that you live with every day?

Then you need to understand the difference between the Instinct to Survive and the Call to Thrive.

It all starts with your Brain. 

Your left brain’s job is not only to problem solve, but more importantly to keep problems from arising in the first place. In other words for you to have some happiness that you achieve in the easiest way possible. Ultimately your left brain would have you sitting on the couch, watching movies that make you feel like you are living life and eating junk foods that releases those momentary feel-good signals in your brain. Your Left Brain isn’t worried about feeling the higher emotions of Fulfillment, Enlightenment etc. It’s about feeling good today and doing things that will keep you feeling just the way you feel right now. Think of it as "The Instinct to Thrive" or “Maintaining the Status Quo.”

Embrace Possibility

Ever wonder about how peer pressure works? someone appeals to your left brain logic by telling you that this is safe, popular, fun, everyone is doing it and having a blast. Even when your instinct is saying, “I don’t care if we’re cool, we need to run as far away from this as possible!” our left brain hears Easy + Happy = Yes Please!

Your "Call to Thrive" is a higher calling from your more spiritual/creative side that interacts with the Right Brain. This is the part of the brain that sees the big picture… that can imagine you as the hero of a Best Selling Memoir or the Big Success on the cover of your favorite magazine. Your Right Brain can see all the hardships you have faced and will face… as that opening monologue right before Oprah introduces you as that highly successful and inspiring person who succeeded against all odds!

Clearly in order to have a life full of purpose and fulfillment you want to stay inside that Creative Brain-Space as often as possible.

So how do you do this? 

I create myself each day 2.png

We will talk about this all month, but first I want to spend a few days helping you to see yourself as someone full of possibility. As the hero or heroine of your own story. As the inspirational person that you were meant to be.

Ready to join me?

Here’s your first exercise. Listen to this recording I made from Deepak Chopra’s book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. Follow along and open yourself up to the imaginative possibilities as he describes them. Through this exercise he guides you to finding your Archetypes. This simple process will help you open up to seeing your potential on a much, much grander scale. Let us know in the comments below which Archetypes you choose!


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To Abundant Creativity!