How to Avoid Disorientation during Emotional Detox

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Here is what my daily routine looks like as I work my way through Transformation. I haven't shared it before in written form, and I thought it might help y'all to see exactly what I do on a daily basis.

1. I start each morning by writing in my Gratitude Journal. I write down any great things that happened yesterday. Then I write one or two Intentions for today.

2. I use my Essential Oils for a boost as I say my Affirmations.

3. Then I select my crystal jewelry to carry all day long as a reminder and a tool for re-centering.

4. At lunch I say my Affirmations with my oils again.

5. At night I choose a relaxing oil and say either the same Affirmations or a more general positive affirmation to get myself into a peaceful, sleep-ready state. 

Do you have to follow my exact routine everyday to see growth in your life?

No. But I CAN tell you with 100% certainty that this daily "mindful routine" has helped me grow so much faster than I could have grown just by trying to have a positive mindset and decide I was ready to change. That would be like having faith in winning a battle and then going out onto the field without any weapons or armor. You might win the fight, but it's not nearly as likely. 

Click to watch the Replay of our Emotional Detox Workshop!

Click to watch the Replay of our Emotional Detox Workshop!

I would be lying if I told you Transformation was easy. Emotional Detox can be frustrating, scary, and disorienting. When you are in the thick of things, surrounded by potential stressors or emotional triggers, you need your tools within easy reach. I keep my favorite oils in my bag at all times, just in case I feel a surge of stress or fear, so I can work through the emotion and regain balance quickly and move on with my day.

If you haven't tried using crystals or oils before, let's chat about which one would be good for you to try first. If you currently use crystals, oils, or both, what are your favorites and how do you see them making a difference in your life?

Want to know all my tips for making it through the Detox Phase of Transformation? Watch the replay of my latest workshop right here: