Simplifying Transformation using Essential Oils

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Transformation has two main definitions in the dictionary: "A metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal." Or "The induced or spontaneous change of one element into another by a nuclear process."

Well, neither of those definitions sound very simple and they also don't sound particularly Human. But we know Transformation is a natural process, one exemplified in the life of the caterpillar/butterfly. 

Transformation can also be part of human life, although we are far more resistant to change than are caterpillars. 

For the past 2 months we have focused on Breaking through Fear and Growing in Self-Confidence, using 6 specific essential oils and crystals to enhance our progress. This level of change and growth has an effect that we often neglect to anticipate. Suddenly we see more obstacles standing in our way (both inner and outer obstacles) and we don't understand why everything is getting harder. The truth is that as we grow Bigger, taking up more room in our Universe, our inner self and the outer world react to this growth. 

So we find ourselves in a CYCLE when we expected to be on a straight upward climb. 

Have you felt this? Has it caused you frustration and tempted you stop growing or even to turn back to that old place of comfort?

This month we are going to come to terms with Transformation as a cyclical process. We are going to make it simple and repeatable, so that you don't have to suffer that same old fear and frustration each time you hit a new road block.

To make everything this month REALLY SIMPLE, we are using just 1 crystal and 1 oil. And what better oil to help us with this than the Transformation Oil blend?!

Transformation Oil:

[Lemon (rejuvenation), Peppermint (awareness/focus), Idaho Blue Spruce (grounding/spiritual connection, Clary Sage (balancing), Frankincense (grounding/spiritual connection), Sandalwood (grounding), Cardamom (calming and centering), Palo Santo (uplifting), Ocotea (purifying)]

• Strengthens and supports readiness to change inner doctrines that no longer serve us.

• Obstructive mind patterns are replaced with new, vivid thoughts, changing your overall attitude and behavior

• Especially helpful in those moments where you feel like “It’s too much” or “I just can’t anymore”

Three great ways to use Transformation Oil:

• We will definitely be using this oil for our September Affirmations and Intention Setting

• You can also get overall support by applying to all 7 Chakra points

• For acute support during stressful or emotional times, try applying like a helmet to your forehead, temples, back of head, and neck

There are 3 ways to order Transformation Oil:

If you aren't a Young Living Member yet, you can pay retail or go ahead and get the $45 membership (think Costco, but forever) and save $21 on the Transformation Oil. Great Deal! The 3rd way to order, is if you are already a member. Just log in and order your oil. You will already be getting the 24% off for your membership!

Let me know if you have any questions. The sooner you get your oil, the sooner you can start simplifying your Transformation process and relieving some of the growing pains along the way!

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