Peridot - The Crystal of Transformation


Peridot is the perfect crystal for our September focus on Transformation! This bright green crystal helps you take responsibility for your own life and create positive change. Peridot is particularly beneficial if you're stuck due to a belief that your current situation is someone else's fault. If you are willing to do the psychological work of digging deep, becoming self-aware and releasing the past, then peridot will assist you in moving forward RAPIDLY! 

Specifically, Periodot helps you to

• Bring about necessary change

• Release old emotional baggage

• Admit your mistakes and move on

• Understand your Destiny and your WHY

• Reduce stress and enhance your self-confidence

• Release and Neutralize toxins on environmental, physical and metaphysical levels

• Release old patterns and vibrations so that you can access new, higher frequencies

We will be using Peridot for all of our Daily Intention Setting this month. You can order your Peridot Necklace now, so it arrives in time to use all month long!