Why I Left the Corporate World, and the surprising truth I've learned since then.

corporate world

I spent years chasing success and happiness in the corporate world. I would get hired, rise quickly through the ranks, start making the kind of money I needed and wanted, and then would suddenly realize I simply hated what I was doing. 

I know this story is not unique. The entrepreneurial world is full of people who were successful in the "real" business world, but chose to get out for one reason or another. In my experience, despite my constant success as a retail sales manager, I just couldn't stand being told over and over to set aside my beliefs and principles in order to make a profit. 


For a while I thought, well my store will treat our customers right, no matter what the actual company policies are. But that never works. Eventually the bosses' boss shows up and gets pissed that you're not doing it HIS way (even if your way is bringing in more money than ever before). 

I even tried to a company that DOES have great values, but they were still living day to day based on a belief that the customer was an annoyance to be dealt with as efficiently and painlessly as possible. There was no room for educating the staff on how to help the customers make better (and more profitable) buying decisions. Everything was left to chance, and the core values were left gathering dust in training manuals. 

The one great thing about all these years of frustration was that I realized something important: Whenever I was left alone to manage based on my principles and a desire to really help the customers and teach the employees, we thrived. And every time they stepped in and made me do it their way, we floundered. Employee morale fell, sales slumped, and it was harder to keep great sales people. 

Belief Affirmation.png

So I realized, that I wasn't the problem. I know I'm not the holder of all universal truth, but I do know a thing or two, and one thing I know for sure is this...

You simply MUST BELIEVE in the thing you devote your entire soul to!

My problem was that I always devote my entire soul to whatever I do. Therefore, my solution was to start my own business and run it MY WAY from Day One. 

Here's where the surprising truth comes in:

I thought I would find other entrepreneurs running business just like me. But everywhere I turned I found the SAME BAD ADVICE. The same fighting and deceit and setting aside principles to make a profit. 

YES, there ARE pockets of people really trying to do this the right way, but sadly, most of them are lost, wandering from coach to coach, export to expert, looking for someone who will give them permission to follow their heart and truly put their customers FIRST!


In a really powerful and meaningful business, customers are people, not numbers. And the goal is much bigger than Profits. It is to help the customer, employees, and owner live a good life, full of health, happiness, purpose, passion, and fulfillment. 

Do you agree with me? Don't you think the world could use more companies who actually care about the people who buy from them? I certainly look for this quality in the companies to whom I give my hard earned money!

So if you're with me on all this, tell me something. Why do we all get derailed? Why do we start with good intentions and end up just chasing money and success like everyone else?

ANSWER: Society. We gather our beliefs about success and money before we are even 7 years old. Before we have fully developed our logical brain. Before we even KNOW we are forming these beliefs. 

We think that money is hard to get, and that it takes trickery to make a lot of it. We think that good people are poor and rich people are bad. We think givers end up on the bottom of the pile, and that takers always succeed. We think so many more crazy things about business and life, just because our parents and grandparents thought the same crazy things before us. 

But I refuse to life my life based on this Limiting Belief. 

I CHOOSE to live a meaningful life without compromise. Without treating people badly or trying to make my competitors fail. I believe there is enough for all of us, and that we are each unique enough to create products that fill a void and help solve a problem that we REALLY want to solve. 

If you want this life for yourself. If you're tired of the rat race. If you thought being an entrepreneur would be different, and then discovered, like me, that it's more of the same... JOIN ME! Let me help you find success, YOUR WAY. Using your unique strengths to solve the problems in the world that you really care about. Let's make your business part of a healthy, happy and fulfilling life!

You can find me in the Creativity Club every day, encouraging my fellow entrepreneurs and learning alongside them as we work through a new Focus each month. In September we are learning all about how to make Transformation simple and repeatable. Don't miss out on the LIVE workshops and other impromptu events. We would love to have you grow with us!

I look forward to knowing you better!