Step 1 to Breaking through Fear: Look Fear in the Eyeballs!


How do you even begin Breaking through Fear, when we each have a deeply imbedded Fear of Fear?

This is the place where most people, sometimes myself included, give up. We feel Fear coming, we hate that feeling and we run as far away as possible from the thing that is causing the Fear. We think the THING causing the Fear is BAD simply because it is causing Fear. (Read that paragraph a couple times until it makes total sense ;)

Here's the Secret that I've discovered that can totally change the way you think about fear:

Fear is a resistance to change

Fear is just a resistance to CHANGE, be it positive or negative. It is your brain reacting to the UNKNOWN as a potential threat. Your brain says, "We are alive right now, and we want to stay alive. We don't know what will happen if we make this change, so we need to just play it safe and stick with the original plan."

Once you realize this is what's happening, you unlock another Secret:

The voice of Fear is made up of sentences created in your Left/Logical-Numerical Brain. And these sentences do not always have your best interest in Mind (pun intended!)

Their purpose is to keep you Alive, but we are not anywhere near dying. We are trying to THRIVE, and that fear of change is just as surely keeping us from Thriving as is it keeping us from dying. 

So should you just stop listening to Fear? NOPE.

Fear is a Door

Fear is like a giant doorway standing in the middle of your path. It is making it painfully obvious that you have a choice to make. A VERY IMPORTANT CHOICE. You can walk through the door to the potentially harmful, potentially wonderful UNKOWN on the other side, or you can decide it's not worth it and turn around and find some other path that doesn't have a Giant Fear Door in the middle of it. 

What you SHOULD DO is talk back to Fear.

You should look at that Giant Door, image it's a character from Alice in Wonderland and say, "Hello Fear! I know who you are! I appreciate you showing me how important this decision is. I'm going to ask my Right Brain how it feels about this choice and listen to my Left Brain give pushback, and then we are going to make this decision without your help. Thanks!"

At this point, I should probably introduce you to your Right Brain. This is your Creative side, the side that can take lots of information and put it together in surprising new ways. It's also the part of the Brain that scientists can't recreate in robots! Sometimes we call it the Heart (your verbal Left Brain's attempt to distance itself from its "illogical" partner). That's right! a Hunch or a Gut Feeling is often just the inarticulate KNOWING of your Right Brain trying to get the attention of your Left Brain and make itself understood.

Now here is the TOTALLY CRUCIAL Part of STEP 1

abundance quote

Before you start having an in-depth conversation with your Left and Right Brain, you need to start by reassuring yourself that you are ALIVE, that you are OK, even that you are GREAT. That you don't need protection from this next step of life. That all you want to know is whether this is the BEST next step. 

Take a minute to focus on Gratitude for exactly where you are right now, for the Positive changes that have brought you here, for the hard times that made you who you are today. 

CELEBRATE YOUR ABUNDANCE! Grab your bottle of Abundance Oil and breathe it in, sending all those tiny particles directly into the Limbic System of your Brain.

You already have so much to make you happy. How much happier and more fulfilled will you be when you take another step towards living a life full or passion and purpose?!

abundance is real

OK, now you are almost ready to have the NON-FEARFUL, DECISION-MAKING Conversation. But there is one more important thing you need to know... Where are you Headed?! Where does this road end? Where do you want it to take you?

Next week we will delve deeper into using HOPE to map out your Destination, BEFORE you start making life-changing decisions.

Until then, please make sure to participate in all my daily posts in the Creativity Club. This is where the real Transformation takes place, in the DAILY FOCUS ON OVERCOMING FEAR!

Abundance and Blessings,