Opportunity Knocks: QUIT OR GROW!

Quit or Grow

Y'all know what I love about coaching? Neither of us knows what all we will learn until we learn it. It is a totally exciting, completely creative process!

Here's a great example of how I often get as much out of a session as my wonderful clients:

Last week I had an initial coaching session with a new business owner. At the end, she told me her biggest take away was that she needs to stop looking at new opportunities as QUITTING old opportunities. To GROW is to CHANGE. 

So for all of use who have such a fear of not following through that we can't move on to bigger and better things, here are your options: QUIT OR GROW!

Many times, deciding against a new opportunity is really Quitting before you even get started!

So when faced with decisions about changing direction, adding something new to your business, leaving something behind that no longer serves, etc.... Check in with yourself and ask, "Am I Quitting or am I GROWING?"