Stop Sabotaging your Creative Process!

Get Excited!

So often we come up with a great idea and then immediately ask ourselves, "What is the right way to do this?"

Immediately our creative Right Brain shuts down, and our whiny Left Brain takes over and starts telling us all the reasons this awesome idea will never work. It tells us that we aren't good enough, don't have the necessary skills, don't have enough of a following, don't know how to do everything involved in making this idea a reality...... and on and on and on.....

Sound Familiar?!

How about replacing this unhelpful question with a question like this: "What is the way to do this that makes me feel EXCITED?!"

Right Brain

That is an AWESOME QUESTION! It opens you up to think even more creatively. To come up with a solution that is uniquely you. To put something out into the world that may never have existed before. 

How cool would that be?!

If this is a struggle you identify with, take a sheet of paper and right this Awesome Question on it. Then post it on the wall in your creative work space. Check in with this question every time you have a great idea. And if you don't know immediately how to make that idea a reality, for Heaven's Sake, WRITE IT DOWN and come back to it later. If you have a notebook full of great ideas, you will never run out of ways to grow your business!!!!

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