Amazonite Beads

• Filters information passing through the Brain and combines it with it with Intuition

• Balances Masculine and Feminine Energies (logic/emotion, yin/yang, intellect/intuition)

• Alleviates fear and dispels negative energy

• Associated with the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras. (Taking inspiration and passionately communicating it to the world)


Citrine Beads

• Relief from money worries

• Improves your Motivation to help you attract wealth/ abundance

• Helps you overcome the Fear of Responsibility


Onyx Beads

• Gives Strength and Support during times of difficulty or confusing situations

• Facilitates being the Master of your own Destiny

• Brings vigor, steadfastness, stamina, and self-confidence

• Helps to heal old psychological and emotional wounds

• Anchors flightiness and helps you make wise decisions

• Alleviates overwhelming fear/ worry

• Balances Yin/Yang

Smoky Quartz Pendant

Smoky Quartz:

• Grounding/ Anchoring, but also raises your vibration during mediation

• Excellent antidote to stress, helps you build resolve to tackle problems

• Teaches you to leave behind anything that no longer serves you

• Relieves Fear, Lifts Depression

• Aids in acceptance of the Physical body

• Neutralizes fear of Failure

• Promotes Concentration and and aids communication

• Helps you move from Alpha to Beta state of mind for Meditation