We are going to spend the entire month of July learning how to find the root cause of our Fears, look them in the eyeballs, and tell them to HIT THE ROAD! 

I wish it was as easy as just saying Scram! to our Fears, but there is one other VERY important step... Replacing Fear with Positive Thoughts and Emotions!

How do we do this? What do we replace Fear with?  

Woah! Slow down! We've got a whole month to go through this step-by-step. But I do want to explain why I've specifically chosen 3 Essential Oil Blends to help us.

The 3 oils I chose are actually part of a set of 15 Oils of Transformation. We will spend the next 6 months working through these oils systematically and bringing renewed passion, higher insight, and exponential growth into your life!

But before I get ahead of myself, in all my excitement, here are some Facts about the first 3 Oils of Transformation:

Essential Oils to Overcome Fear

ABUNDANCE: We will use this oil to increase our Gratitude and release feelings of Apprehension/Scarcity.

•A blend of oils used in Ancient times for financial abundance.
•This blend supports the Law of Attraction. It also increases the magnetic frequency around us.
•Because it amplifies and attracts your thoughts, only use it when you are thinking POSITIVELY.

[Orange (Joy and Giving), Ginger (keep your money/ balancing Giving), Clove (protecting), Cinnamon Bark (solar energy)]

HOPE: This blend is an excellent antidote to Tension and Confusion. We will use it to help us create a positive plan for the future. 
•Has a softness like no other oil. Use it when you are feeling hardened or tense from trying to protect yourself.
•Helps you get in touch with feelings of strength, grounding. Helps stabilize emotions.
•Helps overcome serious, dark thoughts.
•Try massaging on the outer rim of your ears, so you can hear and are open to opportunity. Also use as a perfume or deodorant.

[Melissa (drives away evil/ doubt energies), Juniper, Myrrh, Spruce (height/ towards the heavens)]

MOTIVATION: Helps us to attune our thoughts with our Passions and overcome Hesitation/Procrastination.
•Helps conquer fear and procrastination.
•Helps you move forward with a positive attitude.
•Brings things into the Now: Action and Accomplishment.
•Apply to ears or feet/ front of big toe for moving forward.

[Roman Chamomile (soothing), Spruce, Ylang Ylang (balances yin/yang), lavender] 


Throughout the month we will be using these 3 oils A LOT! First, we'll use them each morning and night for our Affirmations, then we will use them whenever fear starts to take control. If you're feeling a since of scarcity or worry that you won't be able to hold onto something, you'll grab Abundance and focus on all the things you have to be grateful for. If you start to feel confused about what to do next or start getting defensive about your decisions, use some Hope and know that you have a plan in place, and you're Intentions will come to fruition. If you find yourself hesitating to say or do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do, breathe in Motivation and focus on living with Passion and staying in the Now. 

There is much, much more amazing info to come, but I wanted to make sure y'all to understand what you're purchasing and how these oils are going to BOOST all your efforts and intentions for the entire month!

Just a few more days until July, so if you haven't gotten your oils yet, head to tiny url.com/lulamayessentials and follow the instructions I gave you in this post

Let's DO This!