Success 101 Workshop (Recap)

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Last night in the Creativity Club we had our 3rd November Workshop, this time on Success 101: Getting back to basics! Here are all the details we covered, for those of you who prefer to learn by reading (and those who want to take a second look at all the awesome info!)

[If you prefer to watch the replay, or if you want to use these notes while you watch the replay, you can find the video on my YouTube channel. ]


Here we go!

So far this month we've talked about Energy Drain, prioritized our to do lists and created more energy by targeting your specific life situation.

Then came Thanksgiving and Black Friday Weekend. 

Gratitude and Financial Success placed right next to each other to drive us all crazy!

I decided we needed to spend tonight refocusing: getting our brains out of the "money = success" gear and back into the land of growth and development leading to true success

Alright, let's take a look at Success with fresh eyes. 

A. What is your definition of Success?

This is one of the topics I talk about most because 1. It's so important 2. It's so HARD. 3. It's so darn easy to get off track!

1. Why it's so important to define success your way. 

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The last thing you want is to end up with a "Success" that leaves you frustrated and exhausted. You've got all the indicators of success, but you're still not happy. Let me tell you honestly. That is NOT success. 

2. Why it's so HARD.

We are conditioned from childhood to be narrow-minded sheep. Yep you read that right! We are trained to think success is one thing, predetermined by the definition society has decided to give our generation. And it is so hard for me to convince you to give up the security blanket of "the path to false success" and instead to put in the effort and take the risks to do something that makes you truly happy. 

3. It's so easy to get off track.

Let's take Black Friday as an example. The very next day after we give thanks for the people and things in our lives, we rush to stores to trade money for happiness. If you run your own business, you're probably on the other side of this transaction. Making and selling products and taking the money as a sign of your success. Y'all, I kind of hate this!

Not everyone gets caught up in the frenzy, but it takes real effort to keep your eyes looking ahead and understanding the Now is just one stepping stone on your journey. 


So... once you define your own success. What's the next step. Well, I bet you're wondering right now.....

B. How will you Know when you get there?

You put in all this work, take risks, overcome your fears and of course you want to be able to celebrate your success once you finally get there. Right?

That's why we create goals. They are like signposts to mark our progress. The problem is that we start to confuse Goals with Success. We equate the two, and then we use not reaching the goal to proclaim ourselves a Failure. It's almost like we are waiting to miss a goal so that we can give up and stop working hard toward our dreams. 

Simply put, we tell ourselves DID NOT REACH GOAL = DID NOT SUCCEED. 

But here's the thing.... Goals are just tools of measurement. 

We should use goals. They shoudn't use us. 

Think about them like a scale or a measuring tape. They don't define your beauty or your health, but they can help you remain realistic about how you're doing physically.

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Let's follow this example a bit further...

1. YOU DEFINE YOUR HEALTH: You decide what is your ideal weight, energy, strength, stamina etc. 

2. It's hard to stay on track without some sort of measurement so

3. You create goals for yourself to maintain or improve your health. 

****Here's the important thing to understand: Setting those goals does not guarantee success. You still have to work hard, be intentional, have a good attitude, be patient and balanced in your everyday life, and make sure you are living up to your own personal standards and ethics. THIS IS WHAT WILL GIVE YOU SUCCESS. 


Does anyone disagree? Speak now or forever hold your peace ;) OK Good! So if we're all on the same page...

What do you do if it doesn't work?

What if you set up these goals and then you don't make it there in time? What if you work super hard, you are dedicated and determined, and yet you just don't see the results you wanted or needed to feel successful?

You could just give up right here and now. Just decide it's too hard or you aren't good enough. OR you could assess the situation, learn and move forward with a better chance of succeeding in the future based on this experience. Sounds better right?

Ask yourself 4 Important questions:

1. Was this the right goal? Would reaching this goal really have made you feel happy and fulfilled? Sometimes just asking this one question will help you realize that the real problem was you were working towards someone else's goal!

2. Did you have enough time? Given your current situation was it realistic for you to be able to reach this goal in the amount of time you allotted? Remember SMART goals are specific, measurable, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIME SENSITIVE. This last three are really important. Why set yourself up with an unachievable goal?! (I know the answer to this. You want something and you are impatient to get it. So you think if you create the goal the success is likely to follow. You might get lucky, but it's much better to set realistic goals you can actually attain than to set goals you're likely to fail at, right?)

3. Did you have the tools you needed? Sometimes you have the time, energy, and determination but you don't have the right tools. You may need to learn more or get better equipment or better contacts/collaborators before this goal is really attainable. Work on these things first. If you want to cross the Atlantic in a sail boat, please make sure it doesn't have leaks and has the right number of sails before you jump in and head off into the sunset!

4. Were you in a helpful environment? This one is so key, but we often ignore it because we think we have no control. News Flash! You get to pick the people who populate your life. From friends all the way to partners and parents. If their attitude is dragging you down, it's time for a loving conversation about how important these goals are to you. If that fails it's time to lovingly keep your distance. Or even possibly it's time to let them go!


If your answer to any of these questions is "no" then you need a reality check

You need to realize that you're not a failure. You are just a person who needs to make some adjustments in order to make it over the next hurdle. The key to success is in learning from every situation, taking that knowledge and applying it to the next step in life. 

Once you can wrap your mind around this concept, you are well on your way to success! How?

You have discovered that success is a state of mind

Intentionally Grateful.png

Success is not the details of daily wins and losses. Success is living each day with POSITIVE ENERGY, CONFIDENCE, and GRATITUDE. It's knowing you will do your best, you will learn as you go, and you will appreciate everything that you are given. Anything you earn will prompt you to give back so that others can also follow in your footsteps. This is True Success. This is the life we all deserve to live!

Before I let you go, I have one other important question to ask:

C. Where is your energy pointed?

This answer to this question determines how close you are to experiences Success as a Positive, confidence, and grateful state of mind. 

If your energy is pointed at the minutiae of daily life (the tiny goals, the hourly stats) then you will not experience success. You will only experience goals. 

If your energy is pointed toward Positivity, Confidence, and Gratitude, this is what you will receive!

Join us in December for our workshops on Embracing Success!

Join us in December for our workshops on Embracing Success!

Now that I've blown your mind, I'm going to promise to delve into this further. During the entire month of December we are going to concentrate on what it means to Embrace Success. Our main focus will be on The Power of Self-Acceptance and How to be Patient with your Dreams. These two workshops will hold the keys to unlocking that Success State of Mind!

Want to join me?!

Head to to RSVP for our workshops and get details on the oils and crystals we will be using to boost our results!

So excited to spend the last month of 2017 learning and succeeding with y'all!