Why I love the "Live with Passion" Oil Blend!


My New Secret Weapon: Live with Passion Oil Blend!

Here's why I love the Live with Passion oil blend: Every time I sit down and breathe in this oil, I am immediately centered! 

What I mean is that I literally feel pulled into my body and aware of the Now happening inside me. Rather than my brain bouncing all around the room worrying about anything and everything under the sun, I am stilled... filled with a sense of contentment and a desire to enjoy the thoughts of this moment. At the same time, the worries and stresses are temporarily kept at bay. 

The Whole Truth

I'll be honest. While I was on the 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse last week, I didn't do such a good job at doing my morning meditation/ affirmations. But each time I finally sat down and opened the bottle of Live with Passion, I thought, " Why didn't I do this hours ago?" Within minutes my mind was better organized and more relaxed, and I'd come up with an inspiration for the next few hours of work. 

Why is it so amazing?

Here's a simple look at the amazing properties of this oil blend. To learn more about the various oils that make up this powerful blend, head here


How to use this oil blend

Mindfulness Affirmation

1. Place 1 drop of Live with Passion oil in your palm.

2. Massage the oil into your forehead and temples. 

3. Cup your hands in front of your nose and breathe deeply. 

4. Sit still and let your mind wander until it finally becomes quiet or go through your Mindfulness Affirmation

BONUS: If you have a problem you are trying to solve, allow yourself to brainstorm or wander through different ideas until you hit on a possible solution or find inspiration for a new way of looking at the problem. 

Have more questions about this oil blend or essential oils in general? Read more here or shoot me an email. I could literally talk for hours about these amazing powerhouses of nature!